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Be Wild

Embrace Your Wild Side We all have a raw, untamed, wild, and unconditioned self often buried deep away within. We access this Wild Self when

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Explore Our Shamanic Universe

New methods and understandings are trying to flood their way through to us. They are streaming continuously into our human awareness through our dreams, star communications, unexplainable epiphanies, rapid energy shifts, and new instructions from our spiritual guides.

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Heart seed
Tips and Tricks

What Is Your Heart Seed

What Is Your Heart Seed I thought this a beautiful time to expand with awareness of your light – your Heart Seed or as the

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Initiatory journey

Choose To Live Well

Choose To Live Well Choose to live well. With imagination, we can hold a universe within our minds. We surrender into mastering the mystery. Drop

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Full moon

Soulful Full Moon Inspiration

Soulful Full Moon Inspiration Have you been inspired by this souldful full moon? Inspiration flowed this morning as I woke this morning (my 61st) birthday

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Tips and Tricks

It Is Time To Nurture You

It Is Time To Nurture You Carry the intent to remember your true nature in your heart with purity and compassion It is time to

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heart wisdom
Tips and Tricks

See the wisdom in your heart

Our hearts are our true guidance system. Everything we need to know is stored there. The problem is we’re taught to live from our echoic minds…. join

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Spiritual shamanic courses

Are You Ready To Transform Your Life?

Join our visionary shamanic courses. Here is a free online course to experience the pure enjoyment of happiness in a gentle affirming way. Bring balance and harmony in a simple gentle way to soothe your ragged soul.

Mission Statement:
“I Offer Transformative Spiritual Shamanic Courses Online To Help You Discover Your Unique Pathway To Support Your Personal Learning Pathway”

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