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Rediscover Playfulness and Joy

I have such a feeling of peace and hope as we emerge into this year. It is high time we all found our inner child to rediscover playfulness. This year has a different feel about it. We have been watching the old paradigms falling away as we see their fakery and fraud. We choose to be no longer informed by the 3D way of viewing the world.

Choose gratitude for everything that manifests as we merge in our sacred hearts. We breathe in the light pouring through us – as above, so below, as within. Together let go of frustration as it holds us back. Remember, through our divine heart, we access our unique frequency settings of light. Truly surrendering, being aware of all our thoughts, having compassion, being mindful as we let go day by day allows a more profound orientation of our vibrational Self. The winds of change have made it easier too manifest.

Have courage

These higher reality dimensions have always been here; however, they are available for you due to all the fantastic work you have done. Have the courage to hold onto hope. Be mindful of your thoughts and mental stories and reclaim your sovereign right to enjoy life! It is time to rediscover playfulness and joy.

Sharon Ramel Despacho

No matter where you live, make time to do a medicine walk. In the old Nordic language, this practice is called Årsgång. It is particularly pertinent as we see the new moon in our skies at dusk – walk with slow purpose, feeling your footsteps as you tune in, look around and feel for the vibrations, the signs – asking what is essential for this coming year of 2022. Work with the power of the season, simply being with the Spirits, make room for them in your life, and have space for them in your loving heart.

Some questions to ask as you walk:

  • What is my next step in working with the Power of the Moon?
  • How can I feel the balance of night and day (dark and light) in my life?
  • How can I thank my helping spirits for their help and wisdom?

Stand firm in your resolve. Whatever the politicians and the media say, understand that we are experiencing is not a war against a virus. We have an opportunity for deep healing. Work for the healing, not against the virus. Remember this is the time to rediscover playfullness. Listen deeply, look inside your heart to the situation and learn what you need to learn. We do not need to fight. We need to love.

Remember that where ever we are – we have each other – we have our sacred space – we that the light of our breath.

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