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What Is Your Heart Seed

I thought this a beautiful time to expand with awareness of your light – your Heart Seed or as the Andeans call it – your Inca Seed.

Heart or Inca Seed

It’s worth remembering that within your Heart and Inka Seed is not only your life mission but the whole of you.

  • Your Heart or Inka Seed is your birth certificate. It’s your place of dawning (paqarina). It encodes your origin in the Great Mystery. Your lineage goes straight back to Great Spirit.

  • At the level of your human self, your Heart or Inka Seed encodes what you—and you alone from among the more than eight billion people on Earth—are designed to do in this human life. Maybe that is still a secret you are keeping from yourself. But it is not a secret to Great Spirit, from whom you received this assignment.

  • Your Heart or Inka Seed also is the treasure chest of gifts, skills, and capacities that you need to fulfil your life mission. You possess so many more qualities than you may yet know or use.

If you choose to ascribe to these beliefs, how do you feel? (Answer truthfully!) Intimidated or inspired? Fearful or blissful? Panicked or peaceful?

Like most of us when thinking about what we are really here to do, you probably feel a bit of both extreme. Being frightened or intimated can motivate you to change, discovering and then living your life purpose. Feeling inspired yet peaceful can foster trust in yourself and Great Spirit that you are indeed on a journey of personal fulfilment. We, humans, tend to be motivated both by “fleeing from” and “being drawn toward.” Movement is still movement, even if it is one small step instead of a giant leap. And if you are not yet embracing and living your purpose, then move you must.

Heart Seed

Two of the feelings that can prevent or block you from being who you really are and living the life God inspired within you are indifference and complacency. Indifference keeps you static and uninterested in self-engagement and self-realisation. Complacency breeds low standards toward the self, causing you to settle for a “good enough” self and life instead of reaching toward grandeur. Both indifference and complacency dampen your imagination about what it means to be alive and to be you.

How Our Purpose Plays Out

Consider that your purpose might be outwardly modest but inwardly momentous. Maybe it’s being a fantastic parent. Really, is there anything more precious than guiding the growth of a child’s mind, heart, and spirit? Your purpose might not be about getting your name in lights, but about bringing light to others. Maybe it’s playing music—not in a concert hall but in a retirement home or at a winery. Your music might be the means for you to live a mission of bringing pleasure to others. If you know what your mission is, you can be living it no matter what the outer circumstances.

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