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Amazing Courses

Discuss your life purpose with me, your instructor, as i take you on a spiritual journey to discovering a vast array of shamanic inspiring heart centred courses.

You will learn new skills that naturally aligns you with your life purpose. Live the life you were born to live rather than the one society has delivered to you.

Too many people are caught up with making a living – and not living their life. Remember, life makes more sense with a purpose.

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Shamanism is more fun with the availability of unlimited free stuff for you. Mini-courses, inspiring blog posts and more spirit elevating subjects are just one click from you.

There are lots of free tips and inspiration from your instructor to get you started on soothing your soul and living your deeply desired life.

About Sharon Ramel

Sharon is a spiritual instructor who has been offering spirit based courses both online and in small groups since 2008.

She encourages a unique spiritual awakening leading to kindfulness and peace within each and everyone of us. Every student is personally welcomed by her via ceremony, as she performs a sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us into the sacred space.


As an experienced unique teacher of Shamanism with high spiritual qualities, Sharon has pioneered teaching shamanism globally online in diverse formats. She is a gifted sound healer, priestess of the Blue Rose, lover of life and registered Munay Ki teacher. One that can help you find true happiness and peace from within.

About Shamanism

From ancient times, Shamanism has never lost its essence. Old as time yet spiritually potent and full of life. Shamanic practices are found in cultures worldwide, and they’re practical and adaptable. For Millenium, Shamanism has coexisted with cultures, systems of government, and religious practices.

It was traced that every religion, from Buddhism to Christianity, and many formalised religions originated from ancient shamanic roots and still bear the shamanic threads of deep divine connection. 
Contrary to people’s thought, Shamanism is not a formalised system of beliefs or an ideology. It’s a group of activities and experiences shared by shamans in cultures around the world.

Individual practice

Nowadays, in non-indigenous cultures, Shamanism is studied and practised as a life path. Following a shamanistic perspective, individuals seek to be in a relationship with the spirit in all things. They seek to use information and guidance from the supernatural to form a unique life experience for themself, especially one geared towards peace of mind.

This perspective is not inherently contradictory to any religious practice that allows a person to be in a direct relationship with whatever they perceive as a higher power. As your instructor, I will demystify Shamanism, making it accessible and easily understandable.

I Am A Feather For Each Wind That Blows. I Let Go And Trust The Universe To Carry Me! -Unknown

A simple Breath Exercise

Are you ready, breathe with me. Open your eyes to peace and let your creative juices flow. 

Recent Amazing Reviews

Jonothan M.Spiritual Shamanic Healing Initiation Into The Munay Ki
Read More
Thought provoking and stimulating so far. This is only the beginning, so a fair way to go yet
Lyssa RHow To Become A Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass
Read More
Beautiful, elegant, simple. Filled with love and spirit.
Liz AShamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Guide
Read More
Definitely a good match it has brought me on so fast.
Michelle CShamanic Witchcraft Healing On The 13 Moon Guided Pathway
Read More
I loved it !! It definitely has been a enjoyable journey I will be incorporating into my moon rituals .
Kusun JSpiritual Shamanic Healing Initiation Into The Munay Ki
Read More
Sharon is an EXCELLENT TRAINER as she explains the lesions very well and has a very soothing vibe herself. I feel a lot relaxed and calmer doing this course. Learning it 1st thing in the morning with a fresh mind is the right way to get the best of this course and doing the rituals, however at any time it would be effective. But a morning start gives a boost to your day. Looking forward to learning more from Sharon. As mental peace is beyond and above anything else!!
Kristie HHow To Heal The Feminine Divine & Learn To Love In 21 Days
Read More
I love Sharons courses & the way she delivers them. With pure heart & honesty. Thankyou beautiful Goddess for another wonderful course.
Friederike MReceive Spiritual Initiation Into The Shamanic Nusta Karpay
Read More
Der Kurs ist etwas besonderes. Die Lehrerin Sharon kann die schamanische Andentradition auch in eimem Online Kurs so plastisch greifbar machen, dass man stets motivert bleibt weiter zu lernen und das gelernte um zu setzten. Wirklich magisch, besser als erwartet!
Mellissa MDiscover The Mystery Of Faery Witchcraft Shamanism Today
Read More
I am enjoying my experience in this course. It’s simple and easy to understand although it is also very deep and enlightening.
Amy SShamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Guide
Read More
I adore this class. I use it going through the phases of the moon and have adapted the rituals into my practice. I love being able to refer back to the meditations through each cycle.
Orilla MLearn Shamanic Journeying To The Lower Middle Upper Worlds
Read More
I've taken 2 courses so far with Sharon Ramel. I enjoyed both courses and do plan on enrolling in more courses. She is very thorough when teaching and I'm so glad that I signed up for both of her courses. I can guarantee that if you do choose to take up her courses you most definitely will not be disappointed.
Peter WeddleShamanic Witchcraft Healing On The 13 Moon Guided Pathway
Read More
An amazing course so informative but more important it's practical. this is my fourth course of Sharons shes an amazing teacher and will buy even more of her courses.
Maria EHow To Become A Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass
Read More
Una experiencia enriquecedora y completa. Muy clara e inspiradora. Con muchas herramientas y una excelente calidad, tanto en los contenidos como en lo visual. Sharon es una gran guía en este camino. Gracias!
Lucy GSpiritual Shamanic Healing Initiation Into The Munay Ki
Read More
A very enjoyable experience that focuses us into our own spiritual body and journey. Being a mum we do not often get the chance to focus on our self in this kind of way, so I see this course as a therepey as well as educational. Thank you.
Alex K.Spiritual Shamanic Healing Initiation Into The Munay Ki
Read More
I absolutely loved this course! Sharon is an amazing teacher. I felt every bit of it from activating the chakras to the rites and fire ceremonies. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing course!
Theia S.Receive Spiritual Initiation Into The Shamanic Nusta Karpay
Read More
Love it, blessings from South Africa. this is amazing , cannot put into words, utter beauty. Theia Shirlaw
Shawntel B@username
Read More
I am absolutely loving this so far. Oh my goodness Sharon is just a beautiful being.
Heather MReceive Spiritual Initiation Into The Shamanic Nusta Karpay
Read More
Sharon puts so much work into her courses. Its great having so much interaction. Any other courses I have taken could theoretically be started and left unattended to reach completion.I really appreciate the fact that this is not so with Sharons . Interaction is required and Sharon is there all the way.
Amanda LMaster Shamanism Through Journeying, Ritual and Ceremony
Read More
This has been one of the most spiritual and thorough experiences and classes I've encountered! Ty!

Helpful Information For

Abundant Information To Assist You On Your Journey

open sacred space


An essential part of the preparation work is thanksgiving. You must thank the helping spirits for availability when you enter and exit your journey.

Going deeper into the invisible realms where mysteries are demystified and spirituality are plain to the eyes requires adequate preparations that mustn't fail you in your journey.​

open sacred space


When casting a circle, we enter into sacred time, the time of light and movement where we commune and celebrate with all of life.

It is your opportunity to acknowledge your own sacredness and the sacredness of the space around you.​ Don't miss it.

open sacred space


Have you imagined bringing meditation into your daily activities? Walking meditation is the answer.

It is a beautiful means of bringing inner peace into your day through meditation. It is excellent to start to practice walking meditation at a designated time in a designated place, just like your regular meditations.​

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