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Here's why my dedicated tribe of student friends love our sacred space and you will too.


Vibrant facebook community

We have a vibrant helpful FaceBook community that you are free to join. There are live events that you can participate in and and inspiration like minded tribe of people to engage with.

This is a great place to ask questions and have our tribe assist you.

Online spiritual courses

Amazing courses

You will discover a vast array of heart centred courses to inspire you. Learn new skills to bring you into alignment naturally with your life purpose. Discover your life purpose if you are unsure! Live the life you were born to live rather than the one society has delivered. Too many people are caught up with making a living – and not living their life.


Plenty of fun freebies

There is an abundance of free stuff for you to engage in. There are mini-courses, PDF's blogs posts and more on a variety of subjects.

Plenty of free tips and inspiration to get you started on soothing your soul and living this life you deeply desire and know is waiting for you.

New moon

    Are you ready to discover your own unique pathway?

Do you lead a hectic life with no clarity or purpose?
One of the many reasons to join!

Weaving magic, spirituality and crafting with nature is the way of our ancestors. It is a gift we all have deep within the core of our beings. However it has been beaten and educated out of us. It is time to reclaim who we really are. 

Nature nurtures us in a way that is beyond measure. In this age of constant bombardment from electronic devices, we need to reconnect with the nature world around us and allow nature to nurture.

Shamanism could hold the keys to your freedom 

Looking for a change?
Shamanism is available for everyone.

There are many misconceptions about shamanism. The rites, rituals and practices are actually the lifeblood of these traditions. They show us how to live in harmony and in a powerful way with our communities and our environment. 

If you’ve ever wondered how authentic spirituality can be woven into your professional life then you are in the right place. Sharon has some powerful insights to share with you through her available courses. Everyone can experience the wealth of these practices no matter where they hail from.

shape shifter shamanism

        Dare to come with me on a very unique journey

Think about it....
Isn't it time to be the change you wish to see?

Are you interested in living free of fear and abiding in your eternal nature? Becoming part of the solution raising your vibrations to positively contribute to life?  Then join me for we are a timeless beings, made from the same stuff as the stars. It is time for you to shine your light brightly. 

You may think this is impossible in the middle of your crazy time poor life. It takes less time that you imagine and could change your life trajectory. Be prepared to be amazed at your own transformation.


Sharon has been offering spirit based courses both online and in small groups since 2008 to encourage a unique spiritual awakening leading to kindfulness and peace within each and everyone of us. Every student is personally welcomed by via ceremony as she performs a sacred offering of drumming, rattling or chanting for every person to bring us into the sacred space. 

Sharon Ramel
Sharon Ramel
Spiritual Guide, Shaman, Priestess

Abundant Information To Assist You

Shamanic Journeying

Tips to engage in a shamanic journey 

An essential part of the preparation work is thanking the helping spirits for being here as you go into and leave a journey.

Youwill  want to make sure that you do some preparation work before you dive into your journeys to go deep into the invisible realms.

sacred circle

Discover how to cast a sacred circle

When casting a circle we are entering into sacred time, the time of light and movement where we commune and going in celebration with all of life.

This is your opportunity to acknowledge your own sacredness and the sacredness of the space around you.


Learn how to do a walking mediation with ease

Walking meditation is a wonderful means of bringing meditation into your day.

It is great to start by practicing walking meditation during a designated time at a designated place, just as you do for your regular meditations.

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