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What Are The Benefits of Learning Shamanism Online?

Everyone wants to know about the best way to learn Shamanism. Should they try Online Shamanism Courses or face to face? 

When I began teaching Shamanism (The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki), it was in person, in a one on one usually at my home. It was a quiet, spiritually intense time. However, as more and more people came forward to request Munay Ki Shamanic training, my waiting list grew. So I adapted small group learning to meet the needs of my growing tribe.  

Meditation Made This Happen

It was meditation that brought me online. I searched and searched, and no one was teaching online; however, great Spirit insisted I bring the Munay Ki online. Every morning in my meditation, the voice got stronger. I tried and tried to tell it to go away. Indeed wouldn’t Alberto Villoldo would teach it online if it was appropriate? Finally, this year, being 2021 as I write, his wife Marcela began to teach it online! Before that, there was me – I pioneered teaching Shamanism online in video format. The Shift Network did audio calls for 90 minutes once per week – they too have turned to zoom live these days.

It was not easy being a pioneer, but I trusted my guides and was rewarded by teaching over 60,000 people globally online to date. The benefits are too many to list.

I was unsure if what I was teaching face to face would be replicated effectively online. So I tested videos asking people to come over to my home. And soon I discovered that not only is it effective, but there are also many benefits I had not envisioned.  

The Munay Ki Was The First Globally

After the first course – the 9 Rites of the Munay Ki, I realized that learning Shamanism online is more accessible and straightforward than expected. Shamanism is about hearing a call from the Spirit World, to be of service. The Spirits of the Upper and Lower worlds are the actual teachers of Shamanism. Our Spirit friends are not limited by the boundaries of time and space that we are. Learning Shamanism online from the human teacher was not an issue as long I engaged with my student friends. I do this through assignments, Q&A, regular emails, and FB live events. In this way. My student friends find many benefits as I can answer questions that came up during coursework. 

 As I developed and honed my online teaching skills, the benefits of online learning became obvious. There is a substantial cost saving of studying from home in your own time. Students with young families and other obligations can join the program while simultaneously meeting all their daily commitments. Furthermore, shamanic courses online make the study of Shamanism available to many people who would be unable to participate because of their life circumstances, I teach many with fundamental religious backgrounds who could never front for a face to face course. Often there are no qualified Shamanic teachers nor practitioners in communities; Without the online Shamanism courses, these people would have great expense; and need to travel great distances to study.

Sharon Ramel
Vision Quest Sharon Ramel

Another benefit of studying online is the ability to review all the classes on video. In addition, since all my online classes are video recorded, students who live in time zones where they cannot join me live can watch the courses at their convenience. 

The process of deepening into Shamanism, whether it is online or face to face, takes time. Therefore, through the years, I have developed unique courses that simultaneously allows each person to benefit. Building their own unique spiritual pathway gifts while following best practices for well-being and personal self-care. Thus, Shamanism is a lived experience.

The Benefits And Power Of On-line Learning

Along the way, I have discovered that by learning online, my student friends are better able to re-balance situations in their life that could easily have been missed in a retreat-style setting. Often, we go on retreat, feel inspired, immerse, and when we emerge, we cannot maintain our magical expectations of ourselves in regular life when we return. By integrating online Shamanic study into our daily life, we draw in the shamanic practices deeply and it becomes a regular part of our daily existence. This creates a much deeper level of embodiment and ownership of the art.   

Integrating Shamanism into our daily life is central to why I do what I do. Shamanism is a lived experience – not just a course or courses you do and forget. I aim to normalize the shamanic consciousness as equally valid to ordinary reality. This brings balance into the human conditioning that overly emphasizes life’s material and mental aspects. Indeed, mental health issues are dominating our landscape globally… Why? I believe a shamanic lifestyle and intent will help people reconnect to genuinely essential things in their lives.

My Shamanic Training Focus

My shamanic training focuses on this critical integration process.  Normalizing our shamanic practice as a part of our daily life is what I term “your unique spiritual pathway”. This part of the shamanic work is so profound and transformative that each class requires time to integrate the work.

My primary intention in teaching is to assist people in receiving grounded and authentic Shamanism training allowing them to practice safely, effectively and sustainably. When our practice is sustainable, our positive impact on the Web of Life expands the more we open our hearts.

Part of our as walkers between the worlds is the responsibility as Custodians of the Earth. To bring our Mother Earth and all her beings back into balance through right action. We can only do this by working together to change the consciousness of separation prevalent in today’s world. Our online classes help students of Shamanism globally to join together in a community that spans the globe. If we live in conservative or small communities, we can feel isolated in our shamanic spiritual practice. However, with the power of online learning, we discover like-minded friends. We are never alone as we have each other.

Learning Shamanism Online empowers us to build a strong network of friends worldwide, a global community of intuitive awareness, and a desire to act in the right relationship to bring balance, harmony and healing into the web of life.

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