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Choose To Live Well

Choose to live well. With imagination, we can hold a universe within our minds. We surrender into mastering the mystery.

Drop inside – deep inside your heart, here we begin to move with the current of what is arising in our lives and we stop trying to find instant solutions to our challenges.

The obstacles that you are encountering in your life are here to help move you to higher ground, to help steer you in the direction of your Highest Purpose.

Choose to shine

Even though it doesn’t feel like it, if you can allow yourself to move in synch with where the tide is taking you (and you can trust that the current is actually taking you to where you want to go), then everything will organically fall into place.

You can use these times of darkness to transmute those places where you are being asked to grow. See all that has been holding you back can be let go – the choice is up to you. Do you really need those old worn-out stories??? You have the option to choose to live well.

Shamans discover the past, present and future through imagination. We work with our breath, ceremony, our Rites, our dreams. We are able to converse directly with Spirit, talk freely with nature, speak with the great spirit guides without intermediaries, we are our own prophets and visionaries. Through our imagination, we experience our Divine nature, which is hidden by consciousness. Over time, glimpses of our Divine nature and experiences in other realms gives us a sense of wonder and acceptance of our abilities. An easy way to connect with this joy is to feel your roots deep into our Earth Mother and look upwards.

Look to the stars

Look up to the skies, to the stars above and literally feel the transmissions pouring through you, the light elements of creation. As you align within your Heart, these transmissions will naturally reconnect you to your Higher Realm Self. When you do this you choose to live well. Each time you hold your Heart you become more empowered through these realignments.

We have been gifted time whether we like it or not. Use it wisely. This is your time to thrive within a new arena of consciousness. Through your heart, you can navigate your way Home. Through your Heart, you bypass the 3D chaos and anchor in peace and clarity.

Reclaim moments within the peace and understanding within your Heart.

Be still. Take moments within the stillness of your Heart to build a new equilibrium within yourself. This is your time to create change within yourself. Once you are still, engage in the visionary practices within your course work

Our visionary practices help us reconnect and regain our balance. Open your sacred space and begin your regular breathing practice or one of the ones I share with you, see you connecting to our Earth Mother, Pachamama below and then to the stars above. Breathing freely, oxygenation helps to move energy and restore harmony. In times of stress, we forget to breathe deeply, often we find ourselves holding our breath. Visit your spirit guides, connect and ask for messages.

Breathe – simply breathe

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