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One on One Time With Me

If you’re seeking to reset or ignite your shamanic dreams, many great resources are available online.

I offer Zoom sessions one hour in length to assist your unique pathway. The cost is $200USD per hour pre-paid

You may want to consider checking out shamanic practitioners, groups or communities for guidance. Meditation, journaling, and visualizations can also be helpful tools to explore your shamanic journey. Remember to always practice with groundedness, respect, and connectedness to the natural world. Wishing you luck on your journey!

For many of us, discipline is a problem None more so with online learning as it is so easy to not show up for you There are so many distractions from social media to our busy minds. In these cases, one on one can be of enormous benefit.


Book And Pay For Your Session Today

Let's work together to find a mutually great time to chat

Ask Me Anything - Live Interactive Webinar

The first Tuesday every month on my Subscription site, I offer you the opportunity to ‘ask me anything’.

The time is set for 8:30am AWST (Australian Western Standard Time)

Please understand you need to be a member to join. Don’t forget about my one on one offer above This is a unique experience just for you.

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