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Embrace Your Wild Side

We all have a raw, untamed, wild, and unconditioned self often buried deep away within. We access this Wild Self when we are in the flow with the river of love, feeling creative, during deep heartfelt laughter, passionate wild lovemaking, moments of wonder and awe, and spiritual states of consciousness.

Be Open

How do you open to your essential wildness? What does “wildness” mean to you? Often being wild is seen as being bad or naughty, sometimes unworthy. Wildness scares us. However, our wildness is one of the keys to living a deeply satisfying life. You don’t need to run around naked drumming to the stars to embrace your Wild Self. Keep it more straightforward, like driving with the windows down (who does that these days with climate control air conditioners), walking barefoot on the earth, or playing with your appreciative dog are all simple ways of introducing more wildness into your life.

I hope this message helps you on your path!

Breathe gently and spend a few moments reflecting on any issue, struggle, stressor, or problem you’re having right now.

What approach are you taking?

Now imagine your mind being wiped clear thinking about your wild side – flowing freely in the river of love, light and expansion.

New Eyes

What approach would you need to take to make this issue or situation flow easier, becoming enjoyable/exciting?

The Solstice Approaches

The Solstice, we are approaching midwinter and midsummer, depending on where you live. The longest or the shortest night nears. Whether you find yourself bathed by darkness or seemingly endless light, celebrate all that brings us together and gives us hope.

These are times of extremes, but this Solstice reminds us that there are seeds to grow within the darkness, and the light reminds us to give thanks for what we have matured.

Our world is dynamic, not static; the wheel is ever-turning.

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