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Self-care Inspiration

Thank you to all the wonderful individuals who have embarked on my unique beginners Chumpi Stone course and generously shared their reviews. This course is a transformative self-care journey where you’ll delve deep into the practical exploration of Chumpi Stones.

Whether you have purchased, been gifted, or created your own set, each one is identified with a different energy: balance, birth, unity… creation, freedom, and manifestation.

Each stone resonates with the frequency of a sacred mountain, either those around you or far away. 

The Chumpis help you connect to yourself and your own story, as well as the vast energies of nature and the entire cosmos.

See The Power Yourself

Try this with a Chumpi or any other crystal or talisman that works with you. Listen with your heart to the darkness of night; tune in, and you will hear breathing.

It’s more of the sensation of feeling the breathing and sounds of the night—the whisper in the trees, the movement of the creatures of the night, the land we all share, then sensing further afield, feeling the stars above—that deep connection.

Wait, Yes, I feel the breath. Although I can’t quite put it into words, I become overwhelmed knowing that I’m hearing and feeling the mother of the earth herself ….. breathing.

Remember, you are Spirit in human form!

Recognize that your body is not just a physical entity, it’s your intuitive instrument for direct connection with the Spirit. Just like any instrument, it needs to be finely tuned for precise sensing. Self-care starts with you.

Take Good Care Of You

Remember, nurturing your physical vessel is not just about health, it’s a crucial step towards attaining clear wisdom and deep spiritual connection. Strive for a state of clarity in your ‘knowing’

Fun fact: the ancient Greeks understood dieta as a change in lifestyle, not just in what you eat. It involves putting clean fuel in your body and includes periods of quiet reflection. 

The purer your body and Spirit, the more powerful your intuition, clarity, wisdom, and teachings. Most people go through their days not connected to their intuitive instrument and are asleep to spirit.

External environmental effects, such as mould toxicity, air quality, polluted water, heavy metals, and other toxins built up in your body from exposure, such as current or past medication, also ‌affect your perception of the world and connection to the source.

Again, this is just the door opening. Many excellent doctors, including Chinese/acupuncturists, homeopaths, and allopathic doctors, understand the energetics of body and mind healing. Find one that fits you.

It is possible to heal the toxins in the body. First, we need to be aware of what is happening.

By cleaning your diet and environment, you are not just taking care of your physical health, but also nurturing your spiritual growth. This self-care effort is a powerful step towards connecting with Mother Earth and aligning your energies with the cosmos. 

Remember the importance of your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. They give you the power to heal your body.

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