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Shamanism is in your cells, come home to the truth of who you truly are.

Join my Chumpi Stones course today

Chumpi Stones For Personal Shamanic Awakening and Healing

Chumpi Stones are known as healing stones; they have been used for centuries by the Q’ero shamans and healers in the Andes. They are used in healing practices to initiate and transmit lineage rites and connect us to the sacred mountains.

These healing stones are connected with these sacred mountains of Peru, taking power in the hands of the Apus.

You may not be able to purchase your own set of Chumpi Stones, but do not worry; we will make a set using modelling clay during this course. Remember, people make them, and not necessarily with sacred intent! 

Sharon Ramel Rite Of The Womb

Receive the 13th Rite of the Munay Ki - Sacred Womb Healing

The 13th of 10th Rite (depending on where you search) of the Munay Ki. 

A lineage of women from the Spirit world came through with sacred jungle medicine to bestow us a transmission initiation known as: The Rite of the Womb. It is my honour to share this with you.

Marcela Lobos was the first to receive the Rite as a healing transmission. Later she received instructions to pass the transmission or Rite on to as many women as possible.

It is my honour to pass it onto you. Once you have received this transmission you are free to pass it onto others.

Shift Your Mindset To Heal Your Mind, Body And Soul Of Stress Now

Explore ancient shamanic practices and their healing wisdom to assist in transforming stress and negativity in your heart and darkness in the world. Join Sharon Ramel, the pioneer of teaching shamanism online, for a powerful healing journey — where you’ll cultivate spiritual immunity

You’ll learn to come to a peaceful place, knowing that you can learn the practical spiritual tools and powerful wisdom to navigate these uncertain days.

We are seeing profound changes on our planet daily and deep divisions on Earth. People are divided about how to live in these uncertain times, care for our planet, and more. We’re stuck in illusions that separate us from each other and the web of life.



Munay Ki Sharon Ramel

Initiate Into The Munay Ki

Transform your life on many levels from coping with everyday dramas, leaving the worn-out stories of your past behind. The Munay-Ki gifts you deep healing leading to increased motivation, growth, personal development and more.

The Munay-Ki are energetic transmissions propelling us to heal the wounds of the past, including karmic and genetic programs, and the limiting beliefs that we inherited.

Connect with nature and each other in a more authentic, expansive, and loving way.

This course pioneered teaching shamanism online globally. it was updated recently and is still a best seller today

shamanic witchcraft

Shamanic Witchcraft The 13 Moon Pathway

A mystical awakening through the medicine wheel.

Our first step to the quest, the wonder of the mystery of life, is recognising nature, the beauty that is us in all its glory. So many people are in crisis in our modern-day materialistic technological life, whether spiritual, psychological or emotional.

To move forward, we need to shift our perception. We need to alter our attitudes and actions to grow. To thrive we need to raise our vibrations and come together as one breath, one heartbeat.

Join me on the bestselling Udemy course today


Shamanic Journeying Sharon Ramel

Shamanic Breath Work Heal And Thrive

Learn powerful shamanic practices to release fear and grief activating your alignment with spirituality and the elements.

We have been living in uncertain times. A time of a global pandemic, mass extinctions, global warming, our own disconnect and it has caused fear to rise. However, this is the time to release all fear so we may thrive. 

When we realise that the universe quite simply mirrors back our intentions, our beliefs, our sincerity we see we have created our reality from the dreams and seeds we carry within us.

Join me on this unique course to extend you in shamanism today. Please not this is not a beginners course.


Moon Magic Course

Shamanic Moon Magic, Psychic Mediumship Development & More

This course will show YOU HOW TO manifest your desires working with shamanism and psychic mediumship with the moon as a way of transforming your spiritual practice to a new level of consciousnessLearn how to restore and refocus your life to amplify healing and manifest with the moon via psychic mediumship and shamanism.

Bringing shamanism and mediumship alive as a way of transforming your spiritual practice to a new level of consciousness.

Restore yourself with the natural cycles of the moon with this unique udemy course

Receive Spiritual Initiation into the Sacred Nusta Karpay

Learn self energy healing ways of living in harmony for you and our Earth mother, pass them on to expand your abilities.You will be among the first to receive these potent initiation teaching from the Andean Shamanic tradition online. You will receive these transmissions in alignment our course community. These are ancestral wisdom traditions of Peru and Bolivia.

You will be initiated into the Nusta Karpay shamanic tradition with the help of the 7 sisters of the Pleiadian StarGate.

Craft & Dedicate a Shamanic Frame Drum.

Join Sharon, Pepe, Karina and Pedro to craft and dedicate your unique ceremonial shamanic medicine frame drum step-by-step with love and confidence.

Bring shamanism alive as we craft and dedicate your new frame drum. You will be guided step-by-step through the creation and spiritual aspects of making and dedicating your unique ceremonial drum.

Engage The Power Of Magical Spiritual Witchcraft Masterclass

Are you curious about discovering more about witchcraft but are not sure where to go? This your masterclass guide to the foundations that underpin Witchcraft. Build your confidence by weaving and walking your magical unique spiritual path as you reinstate your Divine Power.
Discover that magic truly is in the air when you reconnect with nature and the sacred cycles and seasons of the year.This best selling Udemy course brings the basics of the craft alive

How to do a Shamanic Journey to the Lower, Middle, Upper Worlds

Harness your ability to understand the underlying causes of physical and emotional illness — both in yourself and others — and to bring balance and maybe heal those imbalances at a spiritual level. This is the foundational core shamanic practice.

join me in this core shamanism course to engage deeply with the spirit of all of life

Master of Shamanic Journeying, Ritual and Ceremony

These shamanic rites will transform your life on many levels from coping with everyday dramas, for motivation, growth, personal development and more. This course gifts you transformational healing whilst exploring and experiencing a unique deep spiritual journey.

Extend your shamanism by going deeper crafting your own unique ceremonies

I challenge you to make your life a masterpiece.
I challenge you to join the ranks of those people who walk their talk.
Be the change you wish to see.
Everything starts by the power of one - and that one is you.
Look deeply and see the possibilities of love, mindfulness and appreciating
the gifts that are here.

Activate Powerful Faery Shamanism To Transform Your Destiny

As a Faery Shaman you will work with the magical elements, all of nature, moving into the faery realms. You will grow with the seasons and recognise the call of the wild, the winds will whisper to you and you will answer their call. This is transformational as it leaves separation behind. You carry Mother Earth within you.

Shamanism and witchcraft - two side of the same coin coming together and one

Vision Quest Sharon Ramel

Your Shamanic Vision Quest, A Gateway To Manifestation

Are you struggling because there is something ‘missing’ in your life? Is it your job, life in general, or your relationship out of kilter with what you think life should be about for you, lifestyle not adding up in some way?
This is your opportunity to give life to a dream - to wake it up.

Join this unique Udemy course to open your heart to your personal power.

Feminine divine

21 Day To Heal The Feminine Divine

It is time to liberate YOU - the feminine being that pulses with a magnetic beauty and blessings. A life built on joy and love. Reclaim your birthright as a woman. Do you feel depleted, dried up, exhausted? It is time to change, time to radiate joy and improve your life with this gentle but thorough personal development course over 21 Days.

There is a powerful driving force inside every single one of us that is yearning to be unleashed. Engaging deeply with Sharon Ramels courses can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality.
It is time for you take control of your life making the changes that will transform your life
from ordinary to extraordinary.

Palm chakras

Palm Chakra Activation For Expanded Spiritual Healing

If you are on a spiritual path, this course is a precious gem for personal development. There is a mystery and power that lives with each and every one of us, it is up to us to know there are beautiful wild forces within us. Discover them here and now to improve your lifestyle in a gentle way.explore expanding the warmth, the wealth, the wonder of utilising our palms chakras.

Bindu chakra

Awaken Your Spirit via Bindu Chakra and Clear Old Patterns

Bindu Chakra will add an extra dimension to your ability to move through your life with a candour, bliss and ease you may have thought impossible. You will discover that nothing is impossible once you tap into the wonders, the spirituality and bliss that is the dripping nectar of Bindu. This secondary chakra helps you open to your full potential.

The secret to life is giving, every month Sharon Ramel contributes to a number of vital organisations providing assistance to those who are in need to help close the poverty gap. She is an active landcarer who passionately restores biodiversity to our creeks,
rivers and land.

Life purpose

Reveal and Empower Your Life Purpose Through Yoga Nidra

Create a conscious meaningful life via the ancient tantric practice of Yoga Nidra to bring your greatest gifts forward.There are consequences to not knowing or finding your life purpose. People describe feeling "off-track" in some way, or incomplete, despite a conventionally successful life.Discover our Heart's Desire - your Life Purpose - true self-development

Chakra Dance and Meditate

The Ultimate Guide to Transforming Your Life Through Your Chakras

Is your life stressful and feeling out of control? Then come with me as we Chakra Dance and Meditate to fire up your life, let go have fun and de-stress. Fine tune your chakras with ease for self-development bliss.

Chakra dancing releases your stress plus discover how mindfulness meditation leads to personal development

Daily meditation and good life tips

Navigate Daily Life With More Presence, Clarity and Love

Discover beneficial daily guided meditations and useful tips to ignite personal development and improve your lifestyle.

Does your life need to slow down and become more relaxed and centred? Feeling harassed and out of control?

Discover the tools necessary within these unique online courses to make your life extraordinary.

What are you waiting for?

Lucy G Munay Ki
Read More
A very enjoyable experience that focuses us into our own spiritual body and journey. Being a mum we do not often get the chance to focus on our self in this kind of way, so I see this course as a therepey as well as educational. Thank you.
Bobby Jean KNusta Karpay
Read More
I cannot recommend this course enough for personal growth and expansion. Through doing the work and progressing through the rites, I have released things that I didn't even realize I held onto. I am extremely grateful for this course, it has been so empowering for me.
Verena M-DMunay Ki
Read More
What an amazing and beautiful journey! It is worth taking you time with this course even if you have previous experience in Shamanism. The Munay-Ki is unique and life enhancing. Sharon is a wonderful tutor and guide, generous, with time for her students. Thank you so much. Overwhelmingly wonderful. Savoured every moment.
Vidal E VMaster Shamanic Journeying
Read More
The power that comes from Sharon's teachings and the love that she transmits are beyond description in human terms. This is my second course with her. I am an entire different, more empowered person in my knowledge and inside myself because of these wonderful awakening lessons. Thank you so much. I bow to you!
Christy ULearn How Do A Shamanic Journey
Read More
I love Sharon's style and I truly enjoy all of her teachings! Take this course you won't regret it! I started putting her teachings into practice right away! And what a wonderful time of year to be doing it! Thank you Sharon! I'll be seeing you in your next courses!
Debbie T13 Moon Shamanic Witchcraft Pathway
Read More
Sharon is a richly wise teacher and demonstrates the highest qualities of Shamanic rites. Her courses are impeccable gifts of heritage and wisdom. What a lovely resource this woman is to our community.
Debbie TMagical Witchcraft
Read More
Sharon is such a gifted leader, and I felt safety trusting her lead. This course, after completing it one time through, remains a richer experience as I take it again, reviewing and studying with more awareness now than before. Thank you, Sharon Ramel for opening up your knowledge of these richly wise teachings.
Tanya DMoon Magic
Read More
Sharon and Julian are absolutely amazing and awesome. I love everything about the moon...blood moon, super moon, full moons. Bay leaves under the moon. This course is worth every moment and second. I am so happy to have taken this course. And highly recommend it. Julian has a phenomenal way with meditations (think it's his voice) Lol. And Sharon has an enthusiam and depth. This collaboration was simply perfect. Thank you so much for offering this course.
Rian PShamanic Breathwork
Read More
As always Sharon your courses are fantastic. Your energy and knowledge about the subjects you teach deserve a 20 star rating, Five simply do not do you justice. Thank you. Aho
Nikki OFaery Witchcraft and Shamanism
Read More
I am so happy I took this course as I realised I had been unconsciously connecting with the fae all along whilst thinking the fairy realms were a part of my craft I wasn't touching. The broad range of topics and areas to explore amazed me as there was so much to learn and even after all this I still feel like I'm just scraping the surface. This is the start of my own deeper journey but Sharon has given me the tools and the direction on how to begin - it's up to me from here.
Marsha FShamanic Vision Quest
Read More
Thank you Sharon for yet another beautiful coure. This touched my heart and helped my to open up and see some areas of my life that I need deeper healing. We are always learning. when we seek to find our truth, we shall find what we neve knew we needed.
Anne PMake And Dedicate A Shamanic Drum
Read More
This course really opened up a deep need in me to connect with the heart beat of our mother earth. The instructors were so authentic and knowledgeable. From start to finish it was a pleasure to follow their instruction.
Orilla MLearn Shamanic Journeying To The Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds
Read More
I've taken 2 courses so far with Sharon Ramel. I enjoyed both courses and do plan on enrolling in more courses. She is very thorough when teaching and I'm so glad that I signed up for both of her courses. I can guarantee that if you do choose to take up her courses you most definitely will not be disappointed.
Peter W13 Moon Shamanic Witchcraft
Read More
An amazing course so informative but more important it's practical. this is my fourth course of Sharons shes an amazing teacher and will buy even more of her courses.
Natasha JMunay Ki
Read More
This course is wonderful, the materials are well written and insightful. This course is a blessing, and deepens the spiritual journey. The rite are similar to my witchcraft path.
Mario UExtend Your Shamanic Practice With Breathwork Techniques
Read More
I am learning Shamanic lessons to light the path of my spiritual journey. This course is helping me expand my understanding of the Shamanic Experience. Sharon is great.
Denise M
Denise MFaery Shamanic Witchcraft
Read More
Sharon you are wise teacher and I am honored that we journeyed together I look forward to our next quest. Blessed be
Jasenka MActivate Your Palm Chakras
Read More
As every other Sharon's course, this one too is educational but also restorative in a way (as if some healing has been passed through). There is a very good vibe about it. My most worm hugs to this marvellous teacher!!!
Elisabeth KBindu Chakra
Read More
Great to discover Bindu chakra! Thank you! 🙂
Theia SNusta Karpay
Read More
Love it, blessings from South Africa. this is amazing , cannot put into words, utter beauty. Theia Shirlaw
Amy SShamanic Moon Magic
Read More
I adore this class. I use it going through the phases of the moon and have adapted the rituals into my practice. I love being able to refer back to the meditations through each cycle.
Franki SMunay Ki
Read More
This was an amazing journey. I appreciate Sharon and her knowledge, and intuitive guidance throughout the course. For me, it was life changing. I will always be grateful to you, soul sister. Blessed be.
Maria EShamanic Journeying to the Lower Middle and Upper Worlds
Read More
Qué maravilloso viaje del Alma, con una belleza y una poesía increíbles. Cuántas herramientas de transformación y cuánta sabiduría y dulzura al transmitir. Gracias!!!
Michelle C13 Moons Shamanic Witchcraft
Read More
I loved it !! It definitely has been a enjoyable journey I will be incorporating into my moon rituals
Kusum J9 Rites of the Munay Ki
Read More
Sharon is an EXCELLENT TRAINER as she explains the lesions very well and has a very soothing vibe herself. I feel a lot relaxed and calmer doing this course. Learning it 1st thing in the morning with a fresh mind is the right way to get the best of this course and doing the rituals, however at any time it would be effective. But a morning start gives a boost to your day. Looking forward to learning more from Sharon. As mental peace is beyond and above anything else!!
Murtaza BYour Introduction To Magical Witchcraft
Read More
Best course very informative enjoyed learning with sharon
Natalie SFaery Shamanism
Read More
Wonderful course. Thoroughly enjoyed. As someone passionate about the world of the Fae & Faeries galore. This was special. There's a lot packed into this course & I have honestly learnt a lot about myself, bonding with mother nature, & the world of the Fae. From meditations to actual physical applications on working with the Fae/nature spirits - this course has a lot for you to get dived into. You can always come back to the videos especially if you're busy or just not feeling in tune- which makes it worthwhile. You can just tell how passionate Sharon Ramel is about this topic & what she teaches which makes this course even more special in my opinion. I was so drawn in with the physical grounded applications of connecting with the Fae that I would have really enjoyed hearing more of that. But that's just a personal preference. As there were plenty of tools provided in this course. This course has definitely inspired me to move more in life with that faery inspiration. Thank you.
Liz AShamanic Moon Magic
Read More
Definitely a good match it has brought me on so fast.

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