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Slow down time
Tips and Tricks

Do Your Inner Work

New Moon blessings everyone set your intentions and allow this potent new lunar cycle to help you align with your soul, to do your inner work.

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Heart seed
Tips and Tricks

What Is Your Heart Seed

What Is Your Heart Seed I thought this a beautiful time to expand with awareness of your light – your Heart Seed or as the

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Create Your Reality

Remember, linear time is an illusion! The work of modern life is to separate us, to control us. When we step out of the “arrow time” and experience infinity, we reclaim our original nature, which is divine; we see God/Great Spirit. Create your reality.

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Tips and Tricks

Listen With Your Heart

Listen with your heart. Ensure that you ground yourself, be open to the experience of being with another person or in the community, meet others with love, compassion, and respect.

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What Is Munay?

As students on our shamanic pathway, we know its importance in our energy work. In the energetic body, munay is not found only in the heart but is a fusion of the energy of our heart with our incarnation or Inka seed (Inka seed is the inner map of life).

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See circles everywhere
Tips and Tricks

See Circles Everywhere

Waken your sources of guidance, healing and creativity, those that exist beyond the reach of the everyday mind. Dare to see.

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Full Moon Dreaming
Moon Magic

Awaken It’s Super Full Moon Time

This lunar eclipse will bring up karmic material from the past: it invites purging and purification from the old as it is a necessary step we need to go through to move forward.

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