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Learn The 4-7-8 Breath Practice

As you are all aware, I love working with breath; there is something so magical about becoming aware of it.

Our breath is also known as prana, chi (qi), prana, or lifeforce energy, and your breath is at the centre of the mandala of your life.

Not only does your breath keep you alive, but it can:

– centre you mentally

– energise you

– physically heal you

– unearth and transmute old traumas

 …. to name just a few

Simple and affordable

Working with your breath is also a simple and affordable way of finding emotional and spiritual freedom. If you are looking to take your breathwork further, I have the perfect course called ‘Extend Your Shamanism Practice With Breathwork Techniques‘.

Here’s a simple guide with an easy-to-follow breath technique from my yoga practice called 4-7-8:

Please do four rounds twice a day as it is a practice.

(If you wake at night, it is a great way to help you get back to sleep).

This simple practice is perfect for when do not have much time. It helps you to connect with your body, be present. It brings balance to your emotions and unwinds your nervous system. 

The basic technique is to breathe in through your nose for a count of four. Next, hold four a count of seven. Finally, exhale through your mouth for a count of eight. That’s it!

Use your breath to weave your story through your beliefs and experiences into your journals. Visual journals or diaries are a great way to open our experiences on a convenient level.

Breath work

Interesting Inca Colour Notes For You:

The Q’ero are renowned weavers not only of stories but cloth – they weave their prayers and stories into each fabric. The cloth they weave literally has the breath of life woven into the threads.

There are very classical weavings and colour use typical in the highland Inka.

The colours bring to life prayers and protection as they are woven into each fabric they make: 

  • Black, for our Earth mother, Pachamama, the space between and stillness, 
  • Red for the blood of the rivers; 
  • Pink for the softness and gentleness of the heart; 
  • Yellow for the sun Inti; 
  • Blue is woven for protection; 
  • Orange for the glory of the rising and setting sun; 
  • Purple for spirituality; and
  • Green for the jungle and lushness and wealth of the earth. 
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