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Right Relationship Discovery

I am with you every step of the way to assist you to discover right relationship with my teachings for every deep meditation and practical exercise. 

The Two’s

The two’s have it today -22/2/2022 The two’s have it today -22/2/2022 The spiritual influence of this day is related to awakenings, insights and revelations towards a higher state of mind. The date could be an important date to reflect on the state of relationships, find resolutions or appreciate your differences.

This day encourages a person to work objectively with others rather than take an authoritarian approach.

For the shaman, Connection with Others is all about energy. Practice by connecting with the stranger on the subway, the grocery store clerk, someone on your walk. When you share a connected moment, tune in to the instant feel-good chemical reaction.

As you shift to a higher and higher vibration, you may notice you can no longer stand in certain relationships. As you transform, understand that it is ok to let that relationship go, even if they are family. 

How Do We Begin?

But first, you need to be in the right relationship.

What does right relationship mean? When you can listen and sense without judging or projecting, you are in right relationship. 

The shaman’s vehicle to right relationship is ceremony. Ceremony offers us the easiest way to create transformation and movement. 

Think of ceremony as the tool to go way upstream where the energy is easy to work.

The best ceremony to release and gracefully let go of a relationship that no longer serves is a fire ceremony. First, place your offering for them into the fire with an open heart, then release all connections (and cords) to spirit.

When you are ready to call in a new relationship, be clear on each of the individual qualities you’d like in the relationship first, write them down, and then turn to spirit by placing the words in a sacred bowl for honouring each day with your intention. Lastly, stay awake and be open to receiving what you want.

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