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Celebrate Life - Radiate Love

Celebrate life even though the festive season can trigger a feeling of  being an outsider looking in for many people.

Embrace It

If you’re struggling with feelings of being a black sheep in the family or outcast during this time of year, you’re not alone. Embrace it.

Being different and living on the fringes of society is a powerful opportunity and strength. Be mindful of how you communicate with others for it is a reflection of how you speak to yourself. Come from your heart with loving intent and see that you have more in common than you may realise. Understand that we outsiders are simply are ‘awake’ to something others in society aren’t. Something to celebrate – yes!

Resonate your love and see what happens. Be wild.

As the solstice approaches after a wild full moon, I celebrate life as I sit here looking out from my office over the farm. The wheat is being harvested for the last time with us. It is a hive of activity, Harvester going round and round, field bins filling with wheat, grain carters arriving in big trucks taking the grain the big storage bins 40 kilometres away in town. A sight we will not see again as we prepare to leave Bellalee.


All this activity reminds me of this short but sweet thought.

Rest for a while.
Enjoy the peace.
The oneness.
Breath in
breath out….”

I think we should all declare that 2022 will be the year of the stars, angels, all our helping guides who are with us, ushering in peace, as we remember the world they come from as never before. We dedicate ourselves to tuning into the sacred within, which is everywhere. We choose to remember we are made of star-stuff, and we go one forever in one realm or another. So let us choose to celebrate life and to see all the interconnected ways of life – revel in its multi-dimensionality. Let it bring us close and ever closer. And now the time is here.

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