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What Is It?

Munay—love—is the pinnacle of human expression. But what exactly is munay?

We know what munay is not.

We understand from our study that it is not an emotion. It is not a feeling. It is not only love.

From our deep learning we know something about what it is.

It is the foundation of the Andean mystical tradition. Munay is talked about as unconditional love, and the Andean medicine women and men define it as ‘love grounded in will’.

Students of Shamanism

As students on our shamanic pathway, we know its importance in our energy work. In the energetic body, munay is not found only in the heart but is a fusion of the energy of our heart with our incarnation or Inka seed (Inka seed is the inner map of life). When these two centres merge, something greater unfolds within, and that is munay.

Munay is infused with the energy flow energy from all the energy belts plus the energy from outside us (Kawsey Pacha – energy in time and space), from the cosmos. We can think of our Inca seed as the Great Creator/God/Cosmos Within; the kawsay pacha and world are the Creator/God/Cosmos Without. The union of ‘within’ and ‘without’ happens through munay. Only our munay integrates the two.

What is munay?

Because of this energetic flow back and forth, it makes sense that munay must include the will of within and the without. Not as in willfulness or willpower, but as in directed intent—as having the personal energetic power to carry out your goal. Also, it is will as in direct personal experience. You don’t develop any of your human qualities or capacities by reading about how others have acquired them or observing others using them. You must participate in life yourself, expressing your humanness. When we do this we see that love grounded in will is everywhere we look and touch. 

A Definition For You To Reflect Upon

I have always been on the lookout for a more meaningful explanation or definition to explain munay. I believe this capture it.

“Pure love is in the will alone. It is not sentimental love, for imagination has no part in it. It loves, if we may so express it, without feeling, as faith believes without seeing.” It “abandons the demands of the self. . .” François Fénelon

Nothing more needs to be said. Rest with those words, and I hope that you, like me, will drop into a deeper understanding.

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