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Shamanic Path Healing

Walking on our shamanic path we wee that this is a critical time in the world’s history. You are here because you have an important role to play. 

At a human level, you may be experiencing emotions like fear, uncertainty and anxiety, but your soul has come here with a purpose. No matter what happens around you, it is time to dig deep and do what you are here to do. 

We are all working together with the power of walking the shamanic path.

Tradition Says

Traditionally the role of the shaman has been to restore order where there is chaos.

It is no different today. 

A true shaman has a lion heart and can face their own fears to play an active and dynamic role in the restoration of harmony and balance to all people, places and things.

This coming New Moon in Pisces, dreaming a new dream, on the 3rd of March 2022, is a very significant time to embark on the shamanic journey to acquire the skills necessary to be able to guide and lead others out of darkness and into light. Here is a simple breath practice to help you focus your attention on your intention


Surrender is about letting life happen and letting go of our desire to change, resist, force, or somehow control the outcome of situations. Everything happens in its own time. Allow yourself to slow down, smell the roses, and enjoy the endless blossoming of life. True surrender is having the wisdom to intuit when certain circumstances are beyond our control, and letting whatever needs to happen, happen. What aspect of your being needs time and space to blossom? What part of you needs to be given the opportunity to “come to a head”? This week, focus primarily on ways that you are holding onto old patterns and habits of being. How are you holding on too tightly and trying to force, hide, or fix something within yourself? In what ways are you blocking your own authentic expression or unfolding? It’s time to loosen your grip, practice surrendering, and trust that everything is happening in its own Divine timing.

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