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Embrace Your Own Medicine

Remember, linear time is an illusion! The work of modern life is to separate us, to control us. When we step out of the “arrow time” and experience infinity, we reclaim our original nature, which is divine; we see God/Great Spirit. When we return to luminous time, we lose that awareness so that we can experience life fully. In our diary or clock-driven world – everyday life we are often unaware that we’re God/Great Spirit and are dreaming everything up. Give up the arrow and live in this moment. Create your reality 100% of the time in moments of time – not lines of time. Get out of the analytical fear-based brain – stop working with it! Create your reality.

Energy Shifters

As shamans we work, altering the energy of vibrational patterns – past, present and future. We “see” or source from a higher vibration, the zone of possibility, to live a sacred life.

“Out beyond wrong doing and right doing there is a field, 

I’ll meet you there.

 When the soul lies down in that grass,

 the world is too full to talk about.

 Ideas, language, even the phrase each other

 doesn’t make any sense.” Rumi

Many of us have become separate from sacred time through Western Christianity; whilst this religion offers hope to many it is important to understand historically when we became separated from knowing our divinity. We have given up our knowing that spirit lives within each of us – we are all sparks of the divine. Time was Spirit – Spirit was time – sacred knowing – circular. Know this and you will create your reality in a wonderful way.

Source Light

It is so vital right now that we hold the highest Light from our Soul Source Self and open our hearts fully in Divine Love in amongst the crazy situations that are happening.

Hold a vision of the world beyond time and space. Practice truth by speaking and acting in ayni—(the tradition of right relationship between us and the world around us—and not getting caught up in stories of victimisation and fear).

Work on what is right – skillfully – nurture the seeds of the possible. Stop working on what is blocking you – that is an addiction and habit that holds you in the past.

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