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Wow, thank you to you all. My latest course, Shamanic Witchcraft Healing On The 13 Moon Pathway“, had the “Best Seller” tag added to it three days after launching it! Thank you to everyone who has made this possible. Would you please keep your reviews coming as they help?


Are you affected by society’s fast pace and energetic invasion? Are you feeling out of alignment with nature and with your Self? Are you feeling sick and tired of being sick and tired – these Covid times have challenged us all in so many unusual ways. When we experience profound fatigue with limiting beliefs, emotional patterns and physical resistance, they are signals…..

…letting us know it’s time to change course…working with my courses with me as your guide, you can make changes quickly and with ease, bringing peace.

Whatever is triggering you often exists somewhere on your family line—way back, some specific trauma that was never fully experienced so that it couldn’t heal. So commonly, we bury the trauma, distract ourselves by thinking it is something recent… or ignore it…..


STEP 1: Spend time and work out what needs healing.

What have you buried or not acknowledged but is scratching at you?

Meditate and journal any family issues – are there words that keep showing up…. A pattern…. Don’t forget to Include words on your partner’s line or even former partners. Consider the web of relationships you have had.

When you can name something, you put it on notice, and you drain its power. If you don’t have words, just feelings or other signs, then it is most likely arising from the very early years of life or during a deep trauma.

Remember, this is old…..

Tune in deeply to the discomfort – the unsayable….  in images, dreams, feelings.

Bringing peace means looking and searching. What is blocking you? Now tune into your courageous heart as it takes courage to keep looking deeper…. Relax knowing you are protected and allow whatever it is to come to the surface.

Journal… Keep it simple… Look for the pattern with core words.

STEP 2: Acknowledging what is through Ceremony

Remember, you only need to notice the emotion for 90 seconds, and it shifts. So take each of the words to ceremony, whatever resonates with you.

It can be with any or all elements water, wind, fire, or buried in the earth. Allow each word and the accompanying emotion to be held gently and then honoured and released.

STEP 3: Create a Release Altar

You are all familiar with creating altars throughout my courses. If there is the sadness of grief, then build an altar to heal and release this. Place a candle in the middle to burn up whatever has been troubling you. This is a nice way of bringing peace.

STEP 4: Ask for assistance

Honour your guides and then ask them for assistance to help you with your health, removing barriers, projects, abundance, anything and everything that comes to you to be released.

Make this a loving process, light with light, laughter and joy.

STEP 5: Listen

You can add many other steps to be in the right relationship with your guides and receive their assistance; shamanic journeying is an excellent gift for this.

Shine your light brightly

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