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Initiatory Journey

As the earth and her people have experienced the initiatory journey of the virus this year, it calls us into divine re-memberment. we will remember and put ourselves back together as we reclaim our innate wholeness as a tribe.

You know that the Sun, Moon, Stars, and Planets are wonderful guides and mirrors of an evolutionary journey of your own embodied soul – what are the secret teachings and rebellious wisdom that is aching to be birthed through you, the sacred sites pulsing in your blood, the archetypes seeking to awaken in your bones?

Wild Times

These are the wild times of the great momentous shift into a new reality.

Wherever you are at this moment, I invite you to take a breath with that question; “how am I?” and, gently, to see what’s alive.

I know you’re doing all you can to take care of you and your loved ones right now – and that your heart whispers, constantly, of the world you’re here to create; a world of health and joy and multicoloured delight. I know you know it’s possible – and that, on some level, it’s here already. We are called to remember our way back.

At these times of unravelling and rebirth – the most responsible thing you can do for you and your loved ones is play; is rest, and tune in and more importantly follow what feels good.

Your Body Knows

Your body knows. And wants to guide you. But your body needs softness before she’ll speak. Your body deserves safety, kindness and delight; as do you. To create a world that feels wonderful to be in, we must align with radical wondrous-ness.

Be at peace


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