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What Is Sacred Space?

Too often we wait for sacred moments to appear, forgetting our ability to consciously co-create them anytime, anywhere.

There are limitless ways to call in sacred healing space. We can choose to intentionally invoke the sacred into any moment, a physical space, a relationship, or join hands with whatever we perceive the divine to be. We are never alone when we are working with great Spirit.

Sacred space is something we can all create with ease. However, some people get themselves in a knot about it. What are you trying to create and why are you trying to create sacred space?

How do you wish to express yourself within this space? Do not just randomly rush about creating it “because you think you should”.

Consider what it is you are trying to achieve. Having a divine connection for me assists me to remain centred, calm, grounded and authentically happy.

However, your definition of this space is a unique as your thumbprint. Unlike your thumbprint, however, it changes as you do over time.

Enjoy and breathe love. Know that your body houses your soul, and know that your soul is sacred…. so above and beyond all that there is, all that we may create…. that you are sacred and your body is your temple, always has been always will be – treat it with respect.

Sacred space is a healing sphere that is pure, holy, and safe. I imagine it as a shimmering cupola above the area where I do my healing work. Everyone within this space is protected. We can release grief and pain, and experience the joy that often accompanies the healing process. Sacred space also gives us access to the luminous healers – the medicine men and women who assist us from the Spirit world.

Remember it is always a place of peace and tranquillity, somewhere to let the cares and worries of the day simply fade away.

Sharon Ramel Sacred space
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