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Activate 6-6 Portal Time

Welcome to the 6-6 portal activation and Paradigm Shift. I have been tuning in deeply and hanging out in our sacred space as I film and work on my new course.

Let’s use this sacred time to thrive!

Ushering in the beginning of a much Higher Frequency with Higher Frequency Realities. The 6-6 Portal has opened, presenting an opportunity for significant transformation. Embrace your uniqueness with confidence as you possess great inner power. It’s time to stop playing small. Embrace the breakthroughs that are happening and let your true light shine.

Call In Your Spiritual Support

With the support of your power animals and spirit guides, step out of your comfort zone and take advantage of this chance for long-term stability, freedom, and rewards.

The 6:6 portal clears an old matrix paradigm carried within your DNA. Over the coming months, many of you will remove a seal placed over your third eye and crown chakra. This seal was an old matrix tool to keep you from accessing your soul’s wisdom and remembrance.

We are clearing density and old matrix conditioning from our fields and DNA during this portal.  We want to protect our energies and channels when we move through portal energies.

Over the last two weeks, the frequency of our planet has shifted dramatically. You can feel this energy in the collective; it feels much lighter than ever. You have moved through a massive fear template that has kept the awakened collective isolated and separated from each other.

We are experiencing a more profound transformation, where old paths are closing, and new ways are opening up. The past few weeks have been uncertain, a void between changes. Now, we see our realities shift, and we can expect closure and a solid understanding of our desires and wants.

This means knowing what we want to pursue and where we want to be and recognising what we no longer want in our lives. Ultimately, this transformative time presents an opportunity for growth and positive change.

It’s time to integrate the new energies that have been called forth, shifting away from the collective consciousness. Many of you have already done the necessary work to move towards this new phase and now is the time to claim the energy of the latest version of Self.

What Does The Number Mean?

The numerical spiritual meaning of the number 6 represents finding inner peace and showing Self through kindness, empathy, and compassion.

The number 6 encourages you to delve deep into your soul to understand your desires.

The number 6 represents love, nurturing, service to others, emotional healing, and stability.

Number 6 in Numerology is considered the most potent vibration for unconditional love. This number represents the loving planet Venus and symbolises the union between your Conscious Self and your higher Conscious Self. Therefore, it encourages Self Love aspects.

You can reinforce these changes by embodying the new energy and being who you are called to be.

Hold more light and begin to express it. It is time for you to shine.

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