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The Untapped Gold Mine Of A Beautiful Breath Practice

Full throttle head as the full moon is calling us all. If you are prone to tilt your head and howl at the moon, Then go for it. Just be mindful of the neighbours when you howl!

The energy has shifted in October, and the portal between us and the spirit world is open. It is time to light up our inner-fires with breath practice.

Stillness Is Your Friend

Be still, breathe in the energy flowing between heaven and earth and open into the expanse of your own multidimensional heart. Surrender and allow the next steps of your awakening to unfold within your sacred self. Never forget that you are the only one who can initiate these changes within yourself. Choose you; remember, “You are who you have been waiting for.” All the answers are within. My role is to help you ignite your deep knowing giving you the confidence to stand tall in this.

We are born with free will, and only you can create a higher consciousness world for yourself. You can access the magic of becoming a living vessel being filled with the unique frequency of your master light. Using a breath practice is rocket fuel. The choice is here now; take a Conscious breath (in and out through your mouth), let go, realign through your heart. In doing this, you return to embody receivership of your creation element that exists within your heart connection.

Sharon Ramel

A Beautiful Breath Practice

See your breath as the bridge helping you flow fluidly as above so below as within so connected and supported as you open your heart, stepping out of the flight and flight system into that sacred space in the parasympathetic system of deep relaxation in the love of light and breath.

Free from fight-or-flight, we drop deeply into a heightened state of awareness; our sacred natures merge as they collectively join and merge through our breath, here in a state where deep healing can take place.

  • Sit in a comfortable position that enables your spine to be straight.

  • Close your eyes and centre yourself by letting your breath become more relaxed.

  • Bring your hands to your heart centre with the palms touching each other and set your intention for the practice.

  • Open your hands over your whole heart space.

  • Inhale to the count of three, hold your breath for a moment and exhale to a count of five. Hold the breath empty and start over again by inhaling to the count of three.

  • Repeat for several minutes and if you feel comfortable, begin extending your exhalations to five and eventually seven seconds.

  • After a few minutes, return to your regular breath.

Do this breath practice exercise every morning for about 5 minutes. Journal any difference you discover in your physical, mental, or emotional states.

Through your ancient eyes, see the vision of our collective oneness in our breath, the vital component of us coming together as one breathe from our hearts to form a web of light. We each have a gift to contribute at this time on our Earth mother.

Be the witness in your life breathing the unique story of your life. The good, the pain, all the challenges you have experienced through the choices you have made. Being the witness do not judge yourself or place blame on anyone else. You played out your role and participated fully in every experience, good or challenging. You are taking ownership of what you have created without judgment.

Step forward – shine your light – trust your sacred heart and breath integrity.


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