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Stop Burnout

Our world is changing rapidly, and there is an urgent need for healers to share their unique gifts.

Enrolling in my courses sees you following the call of our heart and soul to radiate love, to assist others.

Whether in the role of an acupuncturist, corporate employee, mother, naturopath or energy worker, our work has never been more needed and necessary.

Unfortunately, people with a heart to help others find themselves tired and overwhelmed, eventually becoming exhausted and unable to carry on with their essential work.

Burnout happens because we are empaths by nature. So naturally, we are sensitive to other people’s emotions, thoughts and energies, and their environment and the world as a whole. A desire to help draws us to walk this path.

Too quickly, we can take on other people’s energies and become swamped by the needs of others. Even with the best intentions, we can burn out. 

You must do the simple things in our practices to remain vital and not compromise your wellbeing. In doing this, you can help more people.


  1. Work within your personal medicine space – opening and closing it 
  2. Open your sacred medicine space calling in elemental protection
  3. Create a protection altar and dedicate it for this purpose
  4. Smudge yourself and those you are working with
  5. Create a ritual blessing bowl

Our world benefits from your unique gifts and the unique contribution you are here to make.


1. You are questioning why you are doing the work you are doing and feel as if you have lost touch with your unique gifts and sense of purpose

2. You are feeling swamped by other people’s processes, and it feels as if negative energy is clinging to you

3. You are feeling exhausted because you aren’t taking proper care of yourself and are putting everybody else’s needs ahead of your own

4. You are feeling overly sensitive to external stimuli and the energy of others. You feel drained, and your batteries need recharging

5. You are feeling triggered emotionally by your clients or the people around you

6. You are finding it difficult to set and maintain clear and healthy physical, emotional or mental boundaries

7. You are not honouring your unique gifts and are not using them as a force for good

8. You are unable to tap into your psychic senses at will

9. You are struggling to remain objective and neutral and feel pulled into other people’s dramas

10. You know deep down that your connection to your soul and spirit could be stronger

Determine to live true to your heart assist others without Compromising your vitality; your gifts are unique and honouring them is part of our calling.

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