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Discounted Course Coupon - 5 Days Only

Yes you can heal yourself – discounted course coupons to inspire you. Rather than looking to the angels in the sky to provide help, let’s look for the angels inside ourselves. So many of us are more advanced than we think we are – and the sooner we realise that, the sooner we’ll have the confidence to help heal this battered world. 

“Not just my life. Not just your life. Our lives. Not just my dreams. Not just your dreams. Our dreams.” L Bevan


13 Moons Magical Shamanic Pathway Through The Medicine Wheel

Start where we are in the life cycle and drop in deeply to the natural rhythm of the medicine wheel as it inspires your journey to freedom.

Shamanic Breathwork And Journeying To Heal And Thrive Today

We have been drawn into the drama and illusion that has taught us mere survival … living in the flight and fight mode – on edge, stressed – discover the power of breath to thrive

Shamanic Spiritual Initiation – The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki

Powerful shamanic initiations and teachings for personal healing and growth. The Munay-ki is the power of the awakened heart, which allows us to connect with nature and others more authentically and expansively.

The Nusta Karpay Rites and their deep Pleiadian Connection

Seven Sacred Rites to feed your soul from here to evermore when you spend time with them. Awaken these transformational light codes today. I also teach you how to pass them on to others

Your Shamanic Moon Magic & Psychic Mediumship Complete Guide

Discover the moon’s power and work with her phases for clarity and purpose. Join this hot and new course to redirect your life in tune with the sacred pathways provided by the moon.

How to do a Shamanic Journey to Lower, Middle, Upper Worlds

Learn this foundational shamanic skill set – to journey is to be free, learn this safe, reliable, and transformative technique today.

How to Activate Faery Shamanism For Happiness and Abundance

By working with the faery realm, you learn to harness the magic beyond human methods, which harness the pure power of creation.

Join this Shamanic Vision Quest for Healing and Dreaming.

Regain your creativity and zest for living your authentic life, maybe even discover what you should be doing in this lifetime.

Become a Master of Shamanic Journeying, Ritual and Ceremony

Advance your journeying skills here – you must complete at least one of my courses that offer shamanic journeying. (i.e. How to do a Shamanic Journey, Faery Shamanism or Shamanic Vision Quest – however, the HOW TO provides a complete guide to this practice)

How to Craft & Dedicate a Sacred Shamanic Frame Drum. Spanish Version – Craft & Dedicate A Shamanic Frame Drum I

f you struggle to find a workshop in your locality, join Pepe Chiriboga as he skillfully teaches you how to make a frame drum and me who will take you through the dedications to birth it well.

Engage the Power of Magical Witchcraft at Work and Play

If you’re wondering what it takes to be a witch, a beginner needs to know everything about witchcraft.


Discover How to Chakra Dance and do Meditation Effectively A fusion of ancient pearls of mediation wisdom and freeform dance for healing and wellbeing. Move your chakras, change your life!

Easy How To Do Daily Meditation and Tips to Live Life Fully Join my easy guided meditation for beginners course. Rich with daily tips, this is simple to learn and involves straightforward techniques.

Reveal and Empower Your Life Purpose Through Yoga Nidra Yoga Nidra is the most accessible, most enjoyable, and practical meditation technique for tapping into the most profound thoughts, memories, feelings, desires, and life purpose.

How to Heal the Feminine Divine & Learn to Love in 21 Days Reclaiming The Divine Feminine can Heal us as we let go and dive into our innate nurturing nature and our ability to be connected to all of life.

Awaken Bindu Chakra to Find Peace and Happiness Within This Chakra benefits eyesight, quietens the emotions and promotes inner harmony, clarity and balance.

Discover Palm Chakra Activation for Peace & Spiritual Health The palm chakras are extremely important for those who are into spiritual healing. These chakras are a powerful tool for giving and receiving healing.

Discover The Wonders Of Color Therapy This is an introduction to the delights of working intensely with colour to help you every day of your life.

Be awake my dear friends and have the courage to see through your heart.

It is time to take your power back. Engage in your spirituality – find these discounted course coupons and help you be the best you.

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