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The difference between fate and destiny


Fate and destiny are words that are commonly interchangeably; however, they mean two very different things.

Fate implies situation or circumstances occurring in our life which we perceive as being changeable or fixed—appearing as if by chance. We define fate is being subject to events beyond or outside our control.

Fate is an outworking of karma forces at work in life. It causes events, outcome and situations to occur and seemingly outside of our genuine control. We see ourselves as being at the mercy of our fate, to be at the mercy of our karmic creations. We think this cannot be controlled in the sense that we have to make amends or reparation for them.

Magical Destiny


Destiny is a word from the Latin ‘destinare’ meaning “to make firm” or “to establish.” When we take absolute responsibility for what we create in our lives and create that which aligns with divine will and desire, we control what happens. When we align with the truth of our life, we work diligently to establish true balance and order. In this and living in accordance and alignment with our spark of incarnation promise and thus our destiny.

“To live in accordance with our destiny is to have a conscious, co-creative relationship with life or to be in what the ancient Egyptians described as Maat. To be in Maat is to be in alignment with true cosmic order and the law-lore of nature”. (Goddess Card Wisdom)

When we understand this we are the ability to return to the expanded loving divine state as we see our dream and fulfil our life destiny. Every individual has their own unique pathway to follow as hopefully comes to see they have the light and discipline of co-creation with Great Spirit. That is why you are here on my courses.

We are still in the midst of this Global pandemic – it has called for deep shifting and when we shift from having a fatalistic relationship with life to an enlightened co-creative relationship with life; we are taking conscious control. No longer pawns in a game. We see and choose to leave the past where it belongs – life lessons – move on – shed the skin – the layers as great Serpent shows us. We no longer need to react adversely to life circumstances. We start to swim freely.

We step into our destiny genuinely when we identify with the chess player and not with the pieces on the board that are being used to play the game of life. Fate and destiny – two very different words and world apart in meaning.

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