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An easy practice to bring calm into your life

Honour your heart and transition to opening your potential through our shamanic practices as these allow you to “let go” of the conscious and unconscious blocks… clearing the negative family patterns, letting go of karma, old losses, and ways death stalks you.

It is such a relief to be able to connect with and receive guidance and wisdom from our power animals, guides and other realms, experience ceremony, symbolic death, and renewal.

Every new beginning starts with an ending

Whenever there is a transition to a new chapter of your life, there is an ending, a loss, a letting go. Not only can these unfinished losses keep you stuck, unable to move forward, they can also show up physically as illness, or emotionally as fear, anger, self-sabotage, addictions or limiting beliefs. This is the time to see and understand “I am light” . Recognise your truth and dare to commit yourself fully to realising there is a different pathway you can follow to open fully into your potential.

Accept responsibility for your life, for your creations—your choices and your experiences—as you consciously manifest life through your Sacred Heart. You can only create your heart’s desire through your connection to your Sacred Heart. Only by connecting to your heart can you birth your heart’s desire. Know that the time is now to start to live heaven here on earth.

You are a warrior of light

As warriors of light, we never forget to open our eyes so we can see in others the capacity for peace, even if they aren’t expressing it. Making others wrong prevents us from accessing our creative, healing energy, which we can use to collaborate and dream a better world into being. This has been a powerful lesson for me lately as watching out elected leaders has been far, far from away from inspirational. However I have come to see that we are the ones that have been chosen, we must rise above the noise, the virus, the chaos, we bring the change the world is wishing to see.

New course coming soon

Work continues on my new course – I have completed a section on some very powerful shamanic breath journeys that I am excited to share with you.

Quick – try this

Try this quick practice when you see battles all around that you feel you have to fight. When this occurs, try to be quiet and find the light within, and remember that your nature is identical to the Primordial Light. Simply say I am the light. Repeat that simply call and hear the words resonating throughout your being. I drew a powerful card yesterday and its message was “put the sword away”. “I am light”

Perform daily acts of courage as you walk in light

Sharon “I am light”

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