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The gifts of the element of air

element of air

The element of air – gives and gives

The element of air is a friend we often do not think about. It is the element of air. We take this beautiful elemental gift for granted, rarely noticing how the element or air profoundly gifts us life. In and out this amazing gift flows, on and on round and round. We are one breath that breathes us all.

“Three things cannot be long hidden: the Sun, the Moon, and the Truth.” The Buddha

When we remove obstructions in our path, our light can more easily come forth. It shines as a beacon bringing love on its wings.

There are times when we may not feel at our best and brightest. You can change this by working with the element of air. At those times we can take a look at what we might do to let our inner light shine to the fullest. Because we are physical, mental and spiritual beings, we need to determine where our spiritual light is being filtered or blocked. We can work from the outside inward, knowing that we are the only ones with the power to dim our lights, and as we clear away the layers we can get out of our own way to feel the warmth of our own light shining again.

Really tune into your breath, that great gift that the element of air is, our first ever friend outside the womb, the friend who remains with us until we receive our final breath.

See the light in the element of air

Breath can be a carrier of energy and when it is focused properly, it can move energy from one place to another, clear energetic blocks and provide a vehicle for the effective direction and application of the medicines of the spirit, light and sound.

During your course work there are exercises liberally sprinkled throughout calling you home to your breath. Use it well and wisely to rewire, rewind and refocus your life. The element of air is your friend always with you day in and out.

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