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Access your seed power

Here in Australia, our first nation people, speak of jiva or guruwari, a ‘seed power’ deposited in our earth mother. You too can access your seed power.

In the Australian Aboriginal big picture, every meaningful event, activity, or life process that occurs at a particular place leaves behind a vibrational residue in the earth.  In the same way, that plants leave an image of themselves as seeds, in the same way, we can still see the giant trees of yesteryear imprinted in the landscape.

Landscape Land-shape

The actual shape of the land — its rivers, its beaches, its dunes, its mountains, and hilltops, its rocks, waterfalls, and waterholes — and all of its unseen vibrations echo every event that brought that place into creation. Stop and think about this for a moment.

Everything in the natural world is a symbolic footprint of the metaphysical beings whose actions created our world. As with a seed, the potency of an earthly location is wedded to the memory of its origin.

Walking and Dreaming

Our Australian Aborigines call this potency the ‘Dreaming’ of a place, of ‘Walking softly’ upon our sacred earth Mother as everything vibrates and this Dreaming, this Walking softly constitutes the sacredness of the earth.

Through your course work, you can access your seed power, through your attention to your intention, you are raising your vibrational essence to be able to attune to this very sacred inner Dreaming of our earth mother.

We are in such a transformational time; it is so exciting to actively be a part of the change we have been dreaming into being. We are on the precipice of massive shifts of consciousness. However, we are also dealing with the intensification of 3rd-dimensional drama in our lives. The message remains the same, continue to witness the drama and not become a part of this play out!

Your Heart is your stabilising element for you to launch yourself to higher realms of connection. Remember that although this step is simple to access your seed power, your Ego mind will fight you.

3-D Illusions

The illusions and dramas of this 3D world are creating a lot of fear. Tune into your heart and open more consistently within your heart. Becoming more conscious of the powerful ripple effect that you create whenever you choose to align within your Heart. Still your mind and breathe. Simply breathe – focus on the radiance flowing from your heart.

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