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7 Self Awareness Tips To Thrive

The more self-aware we are, the more we can accept, understand and love ourselves. Likewise, the more we love ourselves, the more we can love others. Here are some easy to do tips to expand your awareness

Body Scan

Your body is a direct way to connect with your emotions. If you get too much lost in your head, practice scanning your body. Look for areas of tension or discomfort and ask, “What is happening here?”

For instance, you might be clenching your fists or jaw and realizing that you’re feeling upset, fearful or angry. You may have tense shoulders and realize that you’re “carrying the world’s weight”. Perhaps a physical issue you have is connected with a stressful person or place.

Once you have become aware of the issue, you can then take steps to reduce your stress, fear, sadness or anger.

Body Armour

Body armouring is a concept developed by psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. It describes the process of storing traumatic experiences within the cells and muscles of our bodies.

“The issue is within the tissue”.

If you have a particular part of your body that is frequently sore, stiff, or full of pain, some trapped or reinforced emotion will likely be stuck there. Listening to your body, you will be able to identify your type of body armou


Blindspot awareness is a potent self-awareness activity.

Beware, though: unless you want to be roasted, it’s better to find a trusted friend, coworker, spiritual guide, or counsellor for this activity. First, ensure this person is close to you and feels comfortable with being honest. Then, ask them to reveal any weaknesses or unhelpful habits that you might possess.

Remember that for this task, you have to prepare yourself mentally. You don’t want to ask someone to do a favour and rip their throat in anger! Facing our flaws can be distressing and confronting to our ego. So ensure that you’re in a centred, calm space beforehand. Practising self-love will be crucial, so have some affirmations and other self-soothing resources on hand (just in case).

Research has shown that our coworkers can evaluate our strengths and weaknesses twice as accurately as possible – they see things that we can’t or won’t notice. The more people you seek out, the better. Please use the insight others have in your life and use it to your advantage.

Mirror Work

A powerful yet simple way of becoming more self-aware is to listen to your self-talk. Stand right in front of the mirror, looking at yourself without emotion. Pay attention to what self-judgements or negative insecurities arise. What are the dominant feelings you experience? Mirror work will give you a direct insight into how you perceive yourself and increase your self-awareness.

Your Strengths

Reflect on your life accomplishments and the things you’re proud of. What do you genuinely like about yourself? Use your journal to record your discoveries. The more aware you are of your strengths, the more you’ll be able to make self-aware decisions that are aligned with your authentic self.

Big Weaknesses

Exploring your weaknesses might seem unnecessary or even detrimental; Ralph Waldo Emerson once wrote, “our strength grows out of our weaknesses.”

Once we face and own our dark soul parts, the more freedom and power we ultimately experience. Remember Ying and Yang – two sides of the coin make a whole.

Notice whenever you experience intense emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, resentment, and fear. Then, ask, “what triggered these feelings?”

Journal your discoveries to track your journey of self awareness.


Our distractions tell us about our biases, impulses, hidden secret desires and fears.

What unnecessary task takes up a lot of your time? Social media, TV, online shopping, snacking, playing video games, gossiping with friends or even getting lost in daydreams.

Distraction isn’t always a bad thing, but there’s a problem when we obsessively find ways of escaping reality. Bringing awareness to your distractions, you’ll be on the path to greater self-insight.

I hope you have enjoyed our exploration and find it useful. Being self-aware is an essential part of our spiritual journey. Without this fundamental quality, there can be no hope for spiritual growth.

In living this wonderful life – choose love and self awareness and acceptance

In honour and love

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