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10 Life Lessons For You

It is time for you to go deep inside, slow down, soften, and shake off the stress within you. Listen out for the life lessons. Know that life is full of nectar, of beauty for you to draw in and work with your deep inner wisdom.

We live in troubling, odd and disturbing times – the virus still lingering and wars seemingly everywhere. However, we can choose mindfulness. What feeds your inner soul, your heart, your mind? We can hold the pain we see on the news of our families, but we can also be filled with the pleasure of life together. They two are interdependent as one cannot exist without the other. This is non-duality or spiritual alchemy in practice.

Nectar Drips for you

There is nectar everywhere, dripping from the trees, the flowers, the clouds, the birds, the twinkle of a stranger’s eye, the warmth of your loved one’s smile. Will you take this opportunity to drink in this nectar? It is everywhere – open your heart, for it is calling you.

Sharon Ramel This Is Living

10 Life Lessons

In the spirit of contemplation and reflection, here are ten life lessons we can be inspired by:

1. Simplification & essentialism are needed–purging and decluttering the unnecessary and old draws new opportunities into your life.

2. Constraints are a good thing – wanting to appeal to everyone means you’ll appeal to no one. So have solid boundaries and stick to them.

3. Have a clear vision based on your deeply held beliefs and values – be heart and Soul led in all you do.

4. Return to your Heart Centre – passion is always motivating. Don’t put effort into areas you have no interest in; the right people will come to you eventually.

5. Energy is finite – focus and deliberately hone in on what truly matters. Be realistic with your energy and time – there are only so many hours. Acknowledge and honour the yin side of you.

6. Creating order creates clarity – it may be boring, but being disciplined when it comes to organisation. The external is a reflection of the internal and vice versa.

7. Don’t be afraid to teach to learn – often, the most engaging way of walking the spiritual path is by becoming both the student and teacher simultaneously.

8. Tending your courses – honing your unique spiritual pathway is a form of spiritual alchemy – in building it, it makes you! Anything you create reflects your own heart, mind, and Soul.

9. There’s no such thing as “work-life balance” – if you’re genuinely passionate about what you do, don’t compartmentalise it. Allow it to flourish. However, set boundaries and walk away for a while to let the patterns and ideas simmer.

10. Have patience and tenacity – focus on quality, not quantity. Set goals and do one thing every day to step closer to them. Even when times get tough, keep going and never give up!

Embrace the essential light within you.

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