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Winter and Summer Solstice

It is a big week for us all as we prepare for the Winter and Summer solstice. We have friends gathering this coming Saturday before sunset for a Yule feast to celebrate all the gifts we have received and to ask to sun to shine once more with the new moon emerging to bless our dreams.  Consciousness is shifting now, like i’ve never seen before in my more than forty years on this sacred pathway. Through the power of conscious choice, we can create a more empowering, expansive, abundant reality. We are constantly creating our reality through our everyday choices and through the power of conscious choice, we are creating an empowering, expansive, abundant reality. The winter and summer solstice are really calling us home.

Winter Solstice: 

Yule: the longest night and shortest day. We have entered into the darkness, but just as it grows to its greatest extent, the light is reborn. This is a time to celebrate all that warms us and gives us hope. There is much reason to hope and celebrate, as well as so many reasons to feel anguish and pain. These are times of extremes—drought and flood, hopeful elections and devastating fires, inhuman acts of brutality and courageous stands for compassion and justice. Solstice reminds us that the greatest darkness contains the seed of light—as, on the opposite pole of the year, the triumph of light begins the descent toward the dark.

The world is dynamic, not static; the wheel is ever-turning.

  1. Focus on planetary peace and planetary well-being in your rituals, meditations, prayers, and other workings. Peace-making was part of Winter Solstice among many peoples in the past. Keep this tradition alive in the present and future
  2. Envision your own celebrations of Winter Solstice being part of a vast network of Solstice celebrations happening around the planet (Winter in the Southern hemisphere & Summer in the North).
  3. Place candle lights all around to represent the Sun.. On one of the nights of Solstice, turn off all lights, experience the longest night, reflect on renewal and peace, and turn the lights back on to symbolise the birth of the New Solar Year.

Summer Solstice:

Litha —the longest day and shortest night of the year. The light reaches its peak—and yet begins its descent into darkness. Summer flowers must fade to set seed, and summer’s growth must end for harvest time to come. The solstice reminds us that completion means letting go. To grow to adulthood, we must let go of childhood and adolescence. The Summer Solstice is a potent time for us to relish in the abundance of our lives … the abundance that we’ve been seeding and manifesting since the new year. How has your garden been growing.
  1. Stay up all night on Solstice Eve and welcome the rising Sun at dawn. Make a pledge to Mother Earth of something that you will do to improve the environment and then begin carrying it out. Have a magical gift exchange with friends.
  2. In Sweden (my other home) we raise and dress the maypole, wear floral wreaths in our hair, we dance and sing and feast till we drop
  3. Bonfires and firework displays are popular in many parts of Europe when it comes to celebrating midsummer, and special beacons are ritualistically lit throughout. Light your bonfire and connect with the worlds people energetically as you celebrate the gifts of our planet Earth
“As we recognize and embrace our timeless self, we are able to grow new bodies and new destinies, which will serve our entire species. In other words, as we heal, the world will heal; as we change, the world will change. No longer guided by the force of karma, humankind will begin to break free of what keeps us bound to strife and conflict, and we’ll finally grow into Homo luminous.” —Alberto Villoldo, PhD
Enjoy as we all gather around the virtual bonfire to celebrate let us pause to fell our connections with each other as we radiate love like never before. Which ever hemisphere you live in see this time as a return to the sun, earth, moon and stars ~ our relationship with them is now so the natural, so elemental that our frequencies on our soul path on earth is uplifted, awakened & moved into profound remembrance of who we are, and why we reincarnated at this time. Embrace the winter and summer solstice where ever you may be. The links in the text as to a special offer…. click to discover more… Enjoy the light Sharon Free inspiration for you:

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