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An Epiphany In Time And Space

The winds of change continue to call each of us and build momentum on our beautiful planet. Feel for the sacred light patterns that will reactivate your natural abilities of communion freely and purely. Be especially aware of your pineal gland via Bindu Chakra to truly sense this change.

You are ready to open your sacred senses. Choose to re-engage this aspect yourself. Your senses hold the key to bringing you back into alignment with your higher knowing. You have a pivotal role in transforming our planet in creating a shift of consciousness for all of humanity.

What Is An Epiphany?

An epiphany is when we have a sudden spark of insight or realisation that can change our lives forever. An epiphany is on the horizon of your mind – the answer you’ve been searching for is just there, simmering beneath the surface. And yet, to access it, there needs to be a stilling of the body, heart, and mind. Make some time and space to gaze at the stars, contemplate nature, journal, or do whatever puts you in a receptive state of openness and humble emptiness. A cup can only receive water if it’s empty first. Put aside the mind and shift into the unknowing space of Now; allow that epiphany to bubble to the surface!:

Join me Amazing Invitation Exercise

Invitation Exercise:

To feel the winds of change lightly place your index finger on your Pineal gland area above the 3rd eye. When you feel aligned into your Pineal entrance, release your finger.

  1. Focus on bringing awareness to your Pineal gland for 10 seconds.
  2. Receive your breath like a soft wind, feeling it float within the space of the Pineal. 
  3. Stay with this until you notice or sense something changing.
  4. Place any sacred sound, like Om, or Eeeeee or Ahenn, into the space. Feel its vibration altering or activating the energy flow deep inside your brain. 
  5. Place another deep breath within this space. We are allowing a deepening of alignment within this flow or frequency.
  6. Surrender within this space, open your awareness more profound within the space of flow that you feel, see or sense.
  7. Bring the sacred sound you chose into the flow you see, feel or sense.
  8. Within the vault, you begin to see, feel or sense the flow and tune into the light transmissions from the Universe, re-aligning you and repositioning you within the flow.
  9. When this process feels complete for now, bring your awareness back to your Index finger on your Pineal position. Align back into your body and integrate.

It is time to move beyond illusion and expand your alignment to Truth see the winds of change and flow freely.

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