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Timeless Time

Breathing gently time has slipped me by, and I have woken to see that it is many weeks since I last wrote to you. We are preparing to move from here, and somehow the weeks passed effortlessly, merging day into night.

We all exist in a wonder filled universe made of energy. Most of us were educated in school that the universe is made of matter, all matter is made of energy when examined at the subatomic level. All matter is energy, and living beings are made of this matter, as shaman we work gently with energy and the energetic influences that affect our happiness, health, and well-being.

Seek Balance

Breathing gently – soulfully – knowingly we see that balance can be thought of as a state where a soul, the energetic and eternal core of who we are, is unbounded and free; able to see and realise its true life purpose with respect, compassion, and a willingness to help others on the same path of discovery.
However just what do we do to practice peace in a time when everything around us seems unsettled? How do we draw in to find inner stillness when there are so many things that we think requires our focused attention?

The shamans since ancient times, the medicine women men and, have a practice for inner peace that can be useful for us in this moment of time.
Quite simply they choose not to take life so so personally. These people understand that it does not rain to get you wet, and that dogs do not poop on your lawn to irritate.
When we think that our inner peace depends upon loverly things happening to us, we are at the mercy of external circumstance and others. How busy you are depending on your daily timetable, and how happy you are on how others treat you.

No Longer A Slave

When you chose to stop taking life so personally, you become self-referencing. Your mood is no longer dictated by others or by outside events. If it rains, you get wet, and it’s wonderful when a dog poops on your lawn you clean it up. When life poops on your childhood, you find the gifts and the strength in the terrible experiences. Then you can end up with what you want, instead of reasons why you can’t. You will see you breathing gently through this.

I know, it’s easier said than done. But try it today. Turn it around for your heart knows your truth.

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