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Time And Light

Time – that multi-dimensional wonder of life is calling us to see it differently. We are called to honour our potential to create, set in a wave motion of change by doing things differently daily – this wave gifts us the ability to see time in all its dimensions. Consciously we have been working together here in our sacred space to let go of the old stories, enough of the illusion.

I am feeling there is a phase of change brewing. Overnight I go out to the stars, and I see higher vibrational forms of light filtering down to us. This light has a different feel about it; a timelessness. It has allowed me to realign to a higher aspect of my consciousness. I highly encourage anyone who has clear skies to go out and feel for it. Manifest consciously as you access knowing and knowledge as it filters through your being. This enables you to remember your life purpose and gifts the necessary steps for you to take to engage successfully within the energetic blueprint actively. In this was time reflects more knowingly it many levels to us.

One Moment

It takes only one moment in time for you to choose to harness these light frequencies within your heart. The flow so gently moves us. 

Another way to access this is through our star, the Sun. Open your heart in the universal greeting meeting the Sun as it rises – open your arms out and show your heart – for our Sun is also radiating the subliminal light codes to us. This enables you to see time differenly.

Tips To Work With The Light And To See Time

  • To activate our life purpose, dreams and desires, we need our support team; to work with our team. We cannot fulfil our mission successfully alone. Our FB group is an excellent team of like-minded people.
  • We must consciously choose to engage daily within our sacred heart – to listen to it and not our heads. This allows an unfolding of details of how we are to move forward to be revealed. We receive, not through trying, by letting go and listening to the silence.
  • Seek only the guidance only from the heart. The ego-mind will want to interfere, make suggestions, and often comment negatively on our progress. The ego-mind does not have the answers we seek.

There is nothing demanding that we have to do; together, we have been working diligently on our shamanic pathway. See, it is a natural unfolding process. Choose your heart connection and allow it to build day by day. Understand that each of us has gifts to share and that you are enough just as you are! 

Change always is an internal manifestation – it begins within. It rises through our desire and the choices we consciously make to see beyond the 3D illusion to link into a higher experience, which has always existed. 

We are setting in motion a ripple that moves outwards, supporting each other and flowing out into our communities to assist those who call us to come back to their path of Truth. It is time to see time as it truly is and work effectively with it.

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