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Gratitude On Our Spiritual Path

It’s easy on our spiritual paths to keep striving forward without appreciating where we are and how much we’ve grown. How often do you sit down and take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come? While it’s important to keep pursuing our goals, remember to congratulate yourself once in a while for the ones you’ve already achieved. Take a few moments each day to reflect on the significant shifts in your Life this week. Affirm to yourself, “I’m so proud of how far I’ve come” – or whatever feels most nourishing to you, and soak in the praise.

Be Your Number One

On the spiritual path, we don’t always have others to congratulate or support us. So be your own #1 supporter. You owe it to yourself!


Slowly I stir into Being

Remembering what it means

to come to Life again

Slowly I stretch 

feeling the joy of opening

Breathing freely once more

I shake loose

and see that you too

are here, we are so many

Awakening, again 

to Life and its possibilities

Commonly on our spiritual path we become stuck in illusions that separate us from each other and the web of Life.

The Shamanic Medicine of the Earth teaches us there’s no such thing as division or separation. We’re all connected. That means the people on “opposing sides” of every issue… are part of each other and part of you.

Shamanic traditions believe that what we experience in our lives reflects what we are energetically creating within, through our thoughts and words.

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