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How To Be More Magical – Mystical Shamanism

Open to the shaman’s light for strength, balance and deep healing. This will help you to be more magical. Look inside your heart and allow the surrender into the mystical shaman that you are. See your dance between worlds, as you effortlessly journey seeing your truth and singing your loving song. We are reminded to be in the world and travel through it, but not to be defined by it or become too attached to the experience. Be the witness in your life, not lost in the drama and illusion. This is the symbol of true alchemy, for all elements of life have a spiritual aspect and a material one. When we remember this, all manner of miracles and manifestations are possible. See your light shine and see the blessings with your deep connection to the Source within you.

This Inspirational Life

“I see a time of Seven Generations when all the colors of mankind will gather under the Sacred Tree of Life and the whole Earth will become one circle again.
In that day, there will be those among the Lakota who will carry knowledge and understanding of unity among all living things and the young white ones will come to those of my people and ask for this wisdom.
I salute the light within your eyes where the whole Universe dwells. For when you are at that center within you and I am that place within me, we shall be one.” Tasunke Wakan (Crazy Horse), Oglala Lakota Sioux, in 1877
This is the kind of wisdom that we need more and more in our world right here and now, drink it in and it will help you to be more magical. I hope it will inspire and uplift you today! As we race into August, it seems to be another reminder that we are being called up to remember higher aspects of our self. 

Set Your Intentions For Success

Take time today to set your intentions for yourself and for the planet from your heart. See what needs changing and do it. Speak your truth. Act on it. No matter what. The more honest you are, will help you to be more magical. Turn away from watching the old world burn and instead:
  • focus on what’s working, instead of what’s not working
  • recognise what you’re finding, not on what you’re losing
  • notice what is opening up when so much is closing down
  • know what and who holds life, hope, soul, healing
  • trust that your heart, those insights are available to you at all times
Peace, love and joy as you shine your light so bright. Sharon Free inspiration on Instagram Free inspiration on Pinterst
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