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Your Inner Home Is Here

Home is both a state of being and where we live.

We make daily choices to come home to our hearts, our breath, who we are and what we wish to dream into being, the shelter we call home. Our inner home is a place we may return to at any time. It is our inner strength, deep knowledge and connection to all living beings here and in the spirit realms.

It can sometimes feel challenging to find or locate this place. Where is our centre, this serene, still calm place called home?

When the outer world seems moving and so so wild. Where do we go? What is the essence that we must never let go of?

Contemplate what helps you stay connected and anchored to your heart and soul. What enables you to remember?

The Centre Is Here

Knowing there is a centre can help. There is a centre in each of us. Not only our centre but the centre. The centre of the Universe lives in us all, and we can reach in and touch it any time and ask for help to come home to Life. The centre of the Universe is in each of us and in all that exists.

What also helps us to stay connected is to remember what matters. What gives life meaning and proper nourishment? Not what we want or expect, but what we need. Do we allow it and bring enough of this into our lives? Do we embrace it and enjoy it when it comes?

How we love the Earth and choose to walk our path can help us remember our promises to the Spirits. They keep us steady as the winds of change blow. Please take a moment to return to this core, the centre of every life. We can feel this connection again and make space for it in everyday life. Invite it in, enjoy it, and know that Home is here.

Your inner light.

St. Francis of Assisi once wrote, “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.” Whatever is bothering you, whatever darkness lurks within or without, understand that your inner light is forever and always burning within you. Even in our most lost, confused, troubled moments, the inner light of our centre, our core, is there, ready to guide us home. Home is here, home is everywhere.

Reflect on moments when you’ve faced this inner light before;

How did you feel?

What was it like?

Seek practices that assist the inner fire of your being to grow brighter. Then, ask yourself, “On my deathbed, what will truly matter when all is said and done?”

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