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What Does The World Need Right Now?

We have to dream our world into being restoring our harmony with Mother Earth in order to enjoy a harmonious and full life. 2020 has been a year of great turmoil but also huge AWAKENING. This recent full moon eclipse birthed the power to open the blocked-up channels of stagnant emotion that many of you are storing and feeling, allowing the streams of love and vitality to flow. This is a time to free your heart and remember what you truly love. We have a powerful opportunity right here for personal spiritual growth. Savour this moment, and to let the life-giving powers of this full moon spark your heart activation and desire to renew your soul.

Living Our Lives

We all dream of living a life of meaning, purpose, fulfilment, and love… and deep in our hearts and souls wish that for everyone.

We can integrate all of our potential to self-actualise that vision for our own lives AND simultaneously help build a world in which everyone could flourish.

That vision is more urgent and compelling than ever before as we live through a global pandemic that’s affecting life for everyone — and we are even more aware of the global impacts of racial injustice and climate degradation on ALL.

For personal, relational, and global wellbeing to emerge and be sustainable, we have to be able to experience oneness, while also addressing the differentiated needs and capacities of ourselves and others.

Heart Activation Ceremony

To help with this process I will be holding sacred space and bringing a ceremony for us all to connect our sacred hearts in a Facebook Live event on

MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2020 AT 7:30 AM UTC+08 – 8 AM UTC+08 (that will be Sunday in the US)

The Essence Of ‘Oneness’ Heart Activation Ceremony

This is the link: You need to be a member of our private Facebook Group. Just a reminder EVERY question must be answered to get in.

As I write this the winds of change are accelerating. We have been plunged into winter here briefly today with cold rain and wild winds. Listening to them I see they are ushering in a rapid transformation within the atmosphere of Earth by forming an intensified restructuring of your energetic systems. Listen, absorb and grow. Plus a final reminder to join our Heart Activation ceremony.

In grace, love and service


What does the world need?
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