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Gemini New Moon - 10 Spiritual Tips

When you embrace your sacred contract, you are shown the possibilities of your destiny—its challenges, its wonders, its mysteries, and its inner power. As the power of the new moon unfolds it is time to trust. Time to engage with 10 spiritual tips for improving your well-being and self-discovery.

Gemini New Moon

The Gemini New Moon, which is about trusting your inner wisdom, curiosity and communication. This new moon is asking you to examine the story you tell yourself. It is the perfect time for dreaming in the dark, to “see and seed” your soul’s dream. 

Nusta Karpay

My deep gratitude to everyone engaged with my new course – join this amazing new spiritual course the Nusta Karpay with the Pleiadians You are connecting in a rich and profound way with Nustana and these amazing giving multidimensional spirit beings from the Pleiades star system. They inform the Nustana (seven Goddess archetypes) and are here to assist humanity with the process of spiritual transformation. This Gemini new moon is a great time to explore this hot and new course.

Did you know that in Viking cultures, the Pleiades were thought of as Freyja’s chicks, Frejya is the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility. For protection, some would paint seven spots, representing the seven stars, on hen houses. Ladybugs were associated with the cluster because of the seven spots on their wings.


  1. Believe in the act of giving by helping others: These times are made for this – small acts count big time
  2. Live in the present moment – embrace its gifts. Let go of what you had panned as there is only NOW
  3. Forgive others and learn to let go – those old scars can be shed
  4. Bond with people around you, embrace their quirks
  5. Be open to learning new things – feed your heart and soul
  6. Develop a sense of gratitude – breathe it into your heart
  7. Spend 15-30 minutes every morning on YOU – meditation, yoga, a walk, looking and drinking in your surrounds
  8. Be truthful – when someone lies, clairvoyantly we see grey clouds emanate from their aura 
  9. Listen to your intuition. Our gut is extremely accurate at telling us what feels good and what doesn’t—but most often, we ignore it and ask our brain to make the decision instead
  10. Laugh often to live on a high for life frequency—and with that, you shift everything and everyone around you – the Gemini new moon helps you laugh

“Impermanence (n) – the way change falls in love with you ” Andrea Balt.

Be at peace as you choose to thrive


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