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Create A Freedom Ceremony

We are in a time of massive, monumental changes. We can call it crisis, upheaval. But truly, it is an Awakening, a huge paradigm shift.  Below you will see some simple steps on how to create a freedom ceremony. This is gift you an opening of the portals into the entirely new future that we have the power to create — For ourselves, and for our world.
“Spirituality is about exploring the nature of the mind and the fabric of the cosmos through what the ancients called the experience of Oneness”.  Alberto Villoldo

Shamanism Is Powerful

Shamanism is a powerful means for learning first- hand the oneness and sacredness of all things. Each journey we undertake is a merging into that oneness of the universe, a union  with timeless wisdom and compassion …  you are no longer separated   from that wisdom. I was drawn powerfully to it. I knew this was something I wanted to keep in my life. Over time, the practice has allowed me to resolve a multitude of personal challenges which I found hard to address on a rational level.

Create a Powerful Ceremony

Many of you are feeling unsettled at this time, you are feeling the threads and attachments of all your past relationships and need to completely let them go to be free. Create a freedom ceremony to let go of these attachments. If you suspect being entangled with the life force of another, relationships from your past still energetically tugging at you then a fire ceremony is one of the simplest and effective ways to untangle the threads. This should take about twenty minutes of your time. You can do this alone or with others although some say that this is very healing when done together with friends. The others can support you with their gentle drumming, rattle, or chanting.
  1. Choose a location, preferably outdoors, where it’s safe for you to handle fire. For an indoor ceremony, you will need a ceramic or metal bowl as well as a candle. Improvise if these are not available.
  2. Write down the names of the people in strips of paper whom you suspect have a soul entanglement with.
  3. With the burning fire in front of you, invoke the spirits and request for their assistance.
  4. State your intention for them to help you release the soul parts of others that you may be holding on to.
  5. Then, burn each of the strips while at the same time imagining that you are releasing the other’s soul part from you and returning it to its rightful owner.
  6. After burning all of the strips, make an offering and thank the spirits for helping you out. You can also add sage, tobacco, a pinch of cedar, or eucalyptus to the fire.
People who return life-force energy of others often will feel a great sense of completion or general feelings of satisfaction and well-being. After the ceremony, you might remember more names. You can repeat the ceremony and include the names of the new ones that you remember. Plus don’t forget to stay well hydrated – it helps with the clearing of negativity.

Navigate Your Bright Future

As we navigate these times we are challenged to stand up and shine our light. Start by becoming more creative, inventive and flexible breaking free from the routines and coping strategies you‘ve habituated to since early this year. Move consciously into Creator mode and weave your magic. You can adapt the create a freedom ceremony working to set your intentions for a bright future. Just turn the intent around!


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