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All That Glitters.......

All that glitters is not necessarily gold. We become trapped in our own delusions and, like wild animals, become wounded and dangerous. When we forget who we are and begin to walk through life as a two-legged rather than spirit manifest as human form with free will, we wander dazed and confused. From a spiritual perspective, this is not wrong; it is simply part of the journey we are on as human beings as we evolve our soul purpose. For example, in many of the old fairytales, the kingdom gained at the end of stories is a return to our true authentic self. 

We were born knowing our purpose, knowing why we incarnated, knowing ourselves. However, slowly, our identity is chipped away as we believe the stories from our schooling, the myth of religion and beliefs of the politicians to dramas on the TV stories our peers tell the attitudes of our family. 

Distorted Self-Image

Our self-image becomes distorted as we chase the glittering world, the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, looking for happiness in the wrong places in the outside world, but as we know, all that glitters is not necessarily gold. Bleeding and wounded, we try to fit in looking for acceptance, believing that everybody else has worked it out and we are alone. We have forgotten our core essence, our source. 

Look inside

There are seven directions as above, as below south, west, north, and east are six, and the path we must all seek – the most difficult is the centre – to look within ourselves. However, we commonly prefer to point our fingers at everybody else and look outside. The answers are within.

Look Inside

Inside there is a magical place, a place that is still, a place that knows beyond all dramas and illusions. It speaks to you in a gentle voice calling your name whispering you home. However, to hear this voice, we need to understand that the mind is so chattering so loud it often drowns out the quiet voice of spirit. If we allow it, our Earth mother will help call us home; the trees will help call us home, the stars above will help us; however, we must listen to the fire that has been ignited respect the stillness seek balance and harmony inside and then the outside world will reflect back to us as if it is a mirror. So you see that all that glitters …..

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