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10 Ways We Know Our Throat Chakra Is Open

When we open ourselves the joy of self-expression through our voice, our throat chakra is open and it has the ability to awaken parts of us that may be neglected or dormant. Plus, there is the possibility of accessing deep wisdom through our voices, and with this wisdom comes transformative power.

“We don’t present our voices to the audience we resonate our souls” – Thomas Hampson.

Communicate Clearly

Our ability to communicate effectively is governed by the throat chakra, the fifth energetic centre of the primary chakra system. This is the energy centre of clear and conscious communication.

Communication is a natural element of human perception and interaction; an open throat chakra can significantly improve your life experience in many aspects.

Here are 10 signs that show our throat chakra is opening and spinning in the right direction

1.You Find it Easy to Express Yourself

You experience the ability to express eloquently, to convey what you wish to communicate as an open energy centre allows for clarity within yourself that will naturally radiate into your aura and interactions.

2. You Find Truth Telling Easy, Without Fear

The habit of telling lies; even white lies stops when your throat chakra opens, there is simply no need to lie.

3. Tapping Into and Expanding Your Musical Abilities

You become more drawn to music, both the creation and appreciation of music.

4. Healthy Hormonal Balance Thyroid Gland 

Out throat chakra is linked to the thyroid gland, (an endocrine gland in the neck). The hormones secreted by the Thyroid play many vital roles in the functioning of the biological our body.

5. Your Listening Skills and Mindful Communication Improve

You find it easier to listen, your empathy shows when they communicate.

6. You Mean What You Say as Your Words Are In Alignment

Your communication conveys what your inner world wishes to express, and your communication will carry a feeling of power, truth, and value.

7. You Experience and Understand the Energetic Power of Language to Manifest

We use words to express and define our deepest desires. Words in any language are essentially sound vibrations, and so each of these vibrations can direct energy.

8. The Bridge Between Mind and Heart Coherence 

Seeing your minds and heart in synchronization is a sign that your throat chakra is open and spinning in the right direction

9. You Feel Heard and Acknowledged 

Your ability to clearly communicate results in people responding to your communications with more presence. You understand that your words are valuable and that they hold the energy of authenticity

10. Communication is Enjoyable

You enjoy the process and well as the benefits of clear conscious communicating.

The throat chakra can be opened and energized in a variety of ways – some of these are meditation, visualization, breathwork, affirmations, crystal healing, sound healing, colour therapy, and an intentional high vibrational diet. 

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