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10 Tips To Live From Your Heart

This time is a turning point for those of us on the shamanic pathway. The powerful Lions Gate openings are still rippling through us all. Below you will discover tips to live from your heart. We are each being called forward to engage within a higher aspect of ourselves at this juncture. 

To engage within a higher flow of light that is here for our individual unfoldment. 

Here is a great tip to live from your heart. What are you grateful for? I am grateful for this time of stillness that has been created due to the Coronavirus time. I do hope you are all doing well, letting go as you allow higher levels of yourself and your spirituality to be anchored within you. 

Align with your heart

Remember the importance of aligning within your heart. Be still. Take moments within the stillness of your Heart to build a new equilibrium within yourself. This is your time to create change within yourself. Love exists within your Heart. Love heals and fortifies your Spirit. Align to the love within your Heart and celebrate in the moments of stillness.

“I name it silence. Some people say self, or love, or fullness. It is actually life itself.”~Gangaji

See the bigger picture and be bold and creative, there is enormous growth and evolution that is open and accessible, depending on how well you transform and unlock your High Heart.

Ask yourself: As I continue to shed what I am not, stripping right down to essentials, what is the greatest surprise and gift that is in me? 

Ignore your ego….

Refuse to let your egoic or monkey mind – who loves drama- get caught up in conspiracy theories, narratives within narratives, wild speculation or second guessing what will happen. This is another great tip to live from your heart. It takes a lot of inner strength and awareness to bear this tension and volatility of these times of change. However, you were born for this. You can do it. Move from fear to grace.

Living from the heart is incredibly relaxing. You stop using your mind to analyse, plan and figure everything out. What a relief! As you let go of all of that mind activity, you are able to relax into presence, where there is no trouble and no resistance.

When you live from the heart, you begin to touch into the universal experience of love. Love is the source of everything – the fabric which makes up our very existence.

10 Tips

  1. Ask, “What would love do?” In any situation, look for the response that is peaceful and free of stress. Put aside your fears and conditioned habits, and let love guide you.
  2. Let love pervade every conversation. Can you not take your relationships for granted and be more openly loving? Even when things get tense, drop away from your emotional reaction and melt back into love.
  3. Treat yourself like gold. When it comes to love, you are included, too. Tune into what you need and let yourself have it. Live as stress-free a life as possible.
  4. Be here now. Spinning stories in your mind about things that have happened in the past and what might happen in the future take you away from what is here right now. When you are stuck in your mind, it is impossible to be fully in touch with the love that is here. Let your attention explore this very moment. Open your senses, open your heart, and live from there.
  5. Become aware of the oneness of love. Consider this: what is looking out of your eyes is the same as what is looking out of everyone else’s eyes. When you meet an “other,” you are actually meeting the essence of yourself. When you understand this, love is impossible to deny. Check it out with the next person you speak to.
  6. Don’t obsessively plan. Plan when necessary however understand that planning is in the mind, and when you realise how little planning you actually need, there is space to recognise that you are alive right now. And in that aliveness, let your heart glow.
  7. Make hard choices. When you live from the heart, you begin to be very honest with yourself. You may realise that certain situations or people aren’t working for you. Likewise, you will see your own tendencies that don’t serve. Sometimes, the most loving response you can make is a kind but firm, “No.”
  8. Honour your personality quirks. When you live from the heart conditioning falls away, your natural gifts and inclinations can be expressed. Let your creativity flow in whatever way it wants to. Go where you are guided.
  9. Bring boundless acceptance to your moment-to-moment experience. Be a kind host to all the emotions and reactions that visit you. The more you resist, the more trouble you will have. Say, “Hello” and let it be.
  10. Get to know the unconditioned, totally free you. When you relax away from all your conditioned habits, you will discover formless space that is clear, open, and inherently loving. Begin to become familiar with this space, as it is the essence of you. Listen, let it guide you. Live here.

Other inspirational ways for us to connect on our sacred pathway. Shamanism offers us a way forward.

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