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Soul Calling - Listen Closely

Every day, in many ways, our Soul speaks to us. Our Soul speaks to us through nature, other people, events, sounds, words, symbols, dreams, and feelings. This week is about connecting to the most profound source of who you are: your Soul.

Your Soul Calling

Your Soul possesses every answer, source of wisdom, and guidance you will ever need: it is your ultimate teacher and your True Nature beyond all exterior passing forms. What is your Soul trying to tell you? Soul calling – be it – do it – dare to hear. Does it have a special message for you, something you’ve suspected for a while but doesn’t know how to verbalize? This week you may like to incorporate specific tools such as journaling, automatic writing, visualization, dream recall and analysis, meditation, or whatever calls you to communicate with your Soul. Remember that your Soul can be felt and listened to at ANY moment. Sometimes soul calling comes to you through repeated numbers such as 11:11, 12:12, etc., and various synchronicities. Slow down, be quiet, open your heart and listen genuinely.


2023 Is Here

In 2023 may we become the tree we are meant to Be! Honestly, from my heart. May we remember every tree, every being began as a seed.

Feel the power inside a seed!

We were once like that – a seed = a dream waiting to incarnate and grow!

Plant soul calling seeds of new beginnings

Be a guardian of what is sacred

Tend the fire of your mind

May we all be aware of self-created obstacles and free our awareness and actions to be part of positive change for future generations.

May we become the tree we were meant to Be!

May we grow strong and rise together!

I support you, dear shamanic family! Keep Rising!

Infinite Blessings on your path

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