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About Shamanism

Shamanism is way of life. What I love is that shamanic traditions are so similar around the globe, even in cultures that have never been in contact with each other. That indicates to me that shamanism has arisen directly from the needs of human beings instead of being spread by people to the different corners of the world.

“Thing is, we’re not talking a self-improvement project; that was only the gateway. We are being used. By Spirit. One way or the other, we go consciously now or we are abducted. So it’s a great time to dive in.” Melissa La Flamme

That the methods they employ are so similar is quite simply an expression of the fact they have worked and continue to do so.

Shamanism is not a religion even though it has a strong spiritual dimension. Shamanism relies on individual experiences and not on doctrines as it is a pathway of direct revelation. Thus I give you the bones in my courses and then it is your focused attention on your intention that brings it alive in your hearts. An attunement seed, spell, journey or ceremony discovered is not the destination, it is the start of a journey. Personal empowerment and healing are often more about the process than the results.

Moon Thought

Life is a journey of sequential unfurling – not a destination or a linear goal. Look up to the moon and see this magical creative energy pouring its light through you at the intersection of structure and unpredictability……the visible and invisible……generating disciplined wildness.

Every day we grow knowing that we are part of the universe and must be in balance with all of Mother Earth and Father Sky in gratitude to Great Spirit.

I have posted a small ceremony and a bit about why I love shamanism just now in our FB group – I tried to post it as a watch party but my tech skills failed me. Please enjoy this humble offering it is part of a shamanic way of life.

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Be at peace – Sharon

Dream with the moon

Sharon Ramel
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