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Here is a waning moon spell for you. As our moon wanes, many of us naturally feel more introverted. As she turns inwards, so do we. The waning moon is a fabulous time to catch up on some reading, maybe study something new or do some research to boost the potential of your new moon project.

Be respectful of yourself and honour yourself by not spreading yourself too thin. Stay focused on the intentions you set earlier working with them, bringing them into being. Here is a quick easy to do waning moon spell to help you stay focused.

Gather a dark coloured candle. Light it and focus on the flame – become acutely aware of your breath, receiving it from the universe and letting it return. Once you feel your breath slow and say:

“Candle flame that’s shining bright,

Help me focus with your light.

Let me not distracted be,

Long term goals I want to see.”

Settle for a moment, still receiving your breath from the universe.  When you’re ready, know that your intentions have been confirmed. This waning moon spell will help you stay focused and help you to say no to all the interruptions that flood on into our super busy lives.

Know what you want out of life and seek it actively. If you are seeking for connection with witchcraft then check out my course here. 

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