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Circles Are Everywhere

Did you immerse yourself in the full moon lunar eclipse last week? Remind yourself that eclipses are not one-off events like fireworks but send ripples and repercussions lasting several months down your timeline… they gift us a time to dream – to journey beyond the realms and to see with clarity not seen before. Dare to see clearly.

Dreaming Everywhere

As we shaman know, dreaming doesn’t just happen while we sleep. When we journey, we are profoundly seeding and working fluidly with all of creation. Everything has a spirit — a voice, a meaning, and a power. And our dreams can help us unlock that voice, that knowing, that remembering.

Waken your sources of guidance, healing and creativity, those that exist beyond the reach of the everyday mind. Dare to see.

See circles everywhere

Our lives become more prosperous and more abundant when we learn to become dreamers with our eyes wide open using the gift of dreaming of creating our world. The connections of life are not linear. Time is not linear.

When we focus our awareness is on the body and mind, time becomes a linear dimension, trapping us between birth and death.

We know that life is circular. Circles are essential in all the ancient cultures and are just as relevant today. Circles are how we connect to nature and all of life. When we understand at a heart level everything as a circle, we can understand that the great cycle of life has no beginning and no end. When we look to nature and the amazing human body, we see circles everywhere, like cells, bones, even our DNA consists of circular, spiral patterns.

See Time

When we see that time moves through the three states of wakefulness, dream, and deep sleep states, it becomes a circular dimension.

For thousands of years, shamans, yogis, and mystics have used dreamwork and journeying for guidance, healing, clarity and wisdom . . they dare to see … to co-create a magical life with Spirit. 

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