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Remember Why You Are Here

You cannot mix the frequencies of the old with the frequencies of the new. You either continue looping in old ways, or you drop everything you knew, everything that gave you a feeling of safety, jump into the unknown, and discover what is already filling the void…. why are you here?

“We all have and have had hard knocks – truly gutting ones – yet many do not speak of them, they are busy making new life. Do like-wise.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

Remember why you are here at this time on our Earth Mother. Understand why your chose to incarnate. It it time to re-affirm your respectful deep vow of love for this magical planet we call home. It is truly time to move beyond our fears, the intensity of energies that may have us longing at times to return to the core truth of our lives, our connections as above, so below. Reach down into the core of our Earth Mother and feel – reach up high to the stars, the moon, thee sun. Allow a deep sense of connectedness to all living things to wrap its ethereal wings around you forming the rainbow bridge to seeing there is no you nor me, we simple are…. Peace ….. Love ….. Harmony ….

Shamanism dream course

Looking at the Earth and the universe from the standpoint of awe, wonder and radical amazement at the grandeur and magnificent mystery of all being. That’s what the new bottom line is about. We can then answer then question why are we here.

~ Rabbi Michael Lerner

Today is a timely reminder to remember to come into alignment with your mind, heart and belly:

  • Mind (Right Thinking): Do your thoughts, vision, thinking include align with you big vision?  
  • Heart (Right Loving): Do you open your heart to the love around you, allowing your soul and spirit to be consciously fed by all that touches you every day? Do you feed the love by sending your love?
  • Belly (Right Action):  Do you take the actions that preserve, foster and create a beautiful world for now and into the future? Maybe this shows up by recycling, supporting organisations with your time, energy and finances.

Take that right thinking and right loving right into action.

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