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What Are You Dreaming?

Chart your pathway ahead with your dreams (and daydreams). What are you dreaming as you seed the life you wish to live. Journal them and tease them out into reality.

I still remember exactly where I was… outside meditating in my back yard in Carine. I can still hear the words filling every fibre of my being me … the feelings… I can see hear the clarity and strength in which they were conveyed.

Meditation can often take the form of a daydream opening for us. Inviting me, to dare, pushing me to dare, asking me not to go back to sleep to my life. This was this dream that called me onto the path I continue to explore and walk today.

“The universe is a Divine thought that has taken form”. Alberto Villoldo, PhD

This dream that still calls me… at times demands… sometimes dragging me kicking in doubt that I move forward into it – that I must bring this to life and now (my recent Nusta Karpay course – I knew it was incomplete when I received it – I asked for the missing keys and was guided by my dreams – then research backed it up).

Nusta Karpay


The course is amazing! Sharon has a unique way of connecting to the students and retaining a powerful energy in her videos! I worked as a videographer for long years, and even though I have done experiments in retaining energy in video, the way Sharon presents the modules is just unbelievable. Truly magical! Thank you Sharon for sharing your knowledge with us. I am learning loads with you. Thank you!

Susana V – student – Nusta Karpay

This quest has propelled me into exploring, clearing, healing, learning to become a better version of myself. To become worthy of that dream, worthy of stepping into and allowing it’s manifestation to flower. Ask yourself what can your dreams do for you?

Work with your dreams

Allow deep gratitude to inspire you every day and keep you focused to be worthy of your dreams. Draw the word gratitude deeply into your heart and let it inform your heart’s longing for skills, practices, tools and experiences that work…infused with the call of service. Experience opening and shifting your core structure… to be informed by and called into a better version of yourself. Remember to have fun – enjoy the dance of your dreams. What are you dreaming? Take note right now…

Dreaming is so important on our spiritual pathway …a deep profound shamanic connection……manifestation of our unique pathway. The magic of possibilities is everywhere as our dreams can offer a glimpse into our soul and must be held as sacred, honoured and even protected. Dreaming can be time out – a welcome release to recalibrate and re-seed our life direction. As the moon wanes use this time to focus on your pathway

Dream on my friends


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