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Soul Communication Made Simple

Mystics, sages, poets, holy people, and shamans know that the soul doesn’t speak the human language.

Instead, the soul communicates through archetypes, symbols, metaphors, deep feelings, poetry, and ordinary magic. Our spoken language is too limited to express the full spectrum of profound knowledge, revelation and insight the soul has to share.

I was instructed to give away my power to a priest who spoke to god on my behalf (luckily, my maternal grandmother debunked most of that nonsense). We were not taught to tune into our deepest essence’s sacred and wild voice. Unfortunately, with our social conditioning, we rely heavily on the mind and its narrow interpretation of reality.

With an emphasis on so-called facts, hard data, and linear thinking, most of us feel a hole left inside us.

We fill this void with addictions, consumerism, violence, and endless distractions to avoid the pain of this empty inner chasm.

Sometimes, a traumatic or extreme event brings us out of our habitual way of perceiving life. But commonly, many of us miss the neon-lit signs our soul is doing its best to communicate with us.

Plus, we tend to actively mistrust, ignore or doubt any sacred form of communication we receive from the soul due to our busy, over-scheduled, and hyper-stimulated lives. Avoid social media for an entire day to feel the ‘pull’.

7 Simple Ways To Communicate With Your Soul

  • Feel into your dreams and journal them

  • Take note of your lucid dreaming (awake dreaming) and again journal them

  • Look for repetition – number and word patterns

  • Deliberately work with and seek out your animal and other spirit guides

  • Serendipity and synchronicity – those events or occurrences that seem ‘out of the ordinary.’

  • Meditation vision patterns or themes (taking note of mine lead me to teach online)

  • Intuition or your gut feeling – listen beyond the mind’s often fearful noise.

Stay tuned into your heart to listen to the soul speaking clearly with you.

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